Whistle-blower Forum 2018 Election & 2014 Election Broken Promises Pt 3 by Diane Shay 100118

Whistle-blower Forum 2018 Election & 2014 Election Broken Promises Pt 3  by Diane Shay 100118


Cornwall Ontario – October 22, 2018 is almost here. Time to reflect before casting that vote.

In the words of Albert Einstein:

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing”

…which continues to reflect this Councils lack of ability to provide much transparency of any kind. They may find doing the right thing is just too difficult, exhausting and time consuming to address for the taxpayers.

Cornwall is a small City with sky rocketing taxes and a declining population. It is a border town on the St. Lawrence River.  This asset could so easily be developed in a way that both the community and tourist can take advantage while generating revenue.

I see that that Councillor Clement recently did a video after the legal clinic received training from Alzheimer Society. It is like closing the barn door after the horses are gone, considering she sat on the GSDL Management Committee for years and dealt with at least two whistle-blower cases that impacted residents with Alzheimer’s/dementia.

In 2010 she met with Registered Nurse Julie Johnston for an hour at the legal clinic to talk about her written complaint, the same complaint that mysteriously vanished twice from councillors mail boxes. Ultimately it became an interrogation of Ms. Johnston’s by Ms. Clement about her relationship with Ms. Derouchie rather than confronting the real issues of resident care. It makes you wonder where her loyalties lie?

Then again in 2010 there was Deputy Chief Hickley’s complaint related to the hiring Mayor Kilger’s son as a firefighter. Interesting how all of these investigations are going on and council knew nothing. I guess claiming ignorance give them plausible deniability.

I am attaching a written transcript of Mayor O’Shaughnessy’s 2014 “meet and greet” that I attended where he identified his goals so passionately but has done nothing in the last 4 years to meet these goals. Councils lack of responsibility and accountability has now made it impossible for others to speak out allowing this culture of fear to thrive.

I never realized how complicated simply doing the right thing would become with three city managers and an army of lawyers (at $400.00 to $600.00 hr.) attacking me. The lawyers included John Saunders, Guy Reginald, and Lynne Watt at different stages. In the middle of all this came Judith Allen who was suppose to INVESTIGATE my complaint. She added two more lawyers to the mix, David Sheriff Scott and Mark Jocelyn to deal with any conflict of interest issues. Her witness interviews were unprofessional, inconsistent and harassing,  producing a report that some councillors threw in the garbage or refused to finish reading.

Yet, councillors Clement, Dupelle, E. MacDonald, Murphy, O’Shaughnessy, Rivette and Carr were all on council when this report adopted even after Ms. Allen refused to attend to answer questions. Both of these actions by council and Ms. Allen speaks to how non transparent this council was and still is.

Now if we add in Rob Menagh’s and Donna Derouchie’s lawyers and settlements, you have 11 elected officials collectively voting to spend millions of tax dollars because Paul Fitzpatrick told them to do it.

The Whistle-blowers on the other hand, confronted all of them with every once of strength they had giving up careers, income, health and many personal relationships to do the right thing and protect public safety.

Ultimately voting is an individual decision and my hope is that the information in my last three articles will help you to make an informed one.   LINK

Take care,

Diane Shay

Copy of Transcripts of Leslie O Shaughnessy

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