Pharmacist Hanna Pled Guilty to Fraud Over $5K – License Not Suspended by College 221018

Cornwall Ontario – One has to wonder what it takes for a pharmacist to lose their license from the Ontario College of Pharmacists?

If the College’s discipline panel deems behavior by one of their members to be:

…disgraceful, dishonourable and unprofessional…

Wouldn’t that be enough?

For one case,  billing dead patients didn’t do the trick and only resulted in restitution for a nominal amount, reprimand, an order to take an ethics course(which one would wonder would be mandatory before licensing?)  and an 18 month suspension from the college.

Amany Hanna who pled guilty to a Ministry of Health audit repaid $60K and was given a conditional sentence in addition to the college which dinged the pharmacist to the tune of:

… it issued an 18-month suspension, a reprimand and a requirement to take an ethics course. She was also ordered to pay $20,000 in costs. 

The Toronto Star story (LINK)  stated Hanna was one of 107 health-care professionals found guilty of fake billing during a  five year period and that she, along with most them,  kept their licence which begs the question that if pharmacists know that IF found guilty they get a spank on the wrist what really motivates them to not violate the rules of conduct?

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