Will Postal Workers Wildcat Strike today from 7AM to Noon? 112718

Cornwall Ontario –  CFN has learned from several postal workers that there are rumblings of workers holding a Wildcat Strike in response to back to work legislation.

This would be the first Wildcat strike in Canada since 1995 when Canada Post workers struck.

Workers have been quoted from Alberta and several Eastern provinces that they are Wildcatting from 7AM to noon.  It is not known if these are isolated rumblings or will go national as of press time?

CFN has not been able to confirm whether this strike will occur via Canada Post or its union.


In 1965, Canadian postal workers illegally walked out for two weeks and won the right to collective bargaining for all public sector employees.[1] This resulted in them throwing out the leadership of the company union and forming the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.”

One of the workers, using the pseudonym WET STAMP sent in the following to CFN.

I’ve been an employee of Canada Post for decades. They used to be a phenomenal company to work for. I took pride in the fact of stating that I was a Canada Post employee.

But now it has almost become unbearable to work for this company. They have little regard for the Health and Welfare of their employees. Letter carriers are forced to do overtime. RSMC work many hours for free during the course of a year. Injuries are higher than they were 5 years ago and the main reason is the two bag system for letter carriers.

We have become a parcel delivery service just like FedEx, UPS, CanPar and Purolator BUT we still deliver massive amounts of flyers and mail. There have been no health and safety regulations put in place to compensate for this extra volume.

Employees are getting injured on a daily basis trying to keep up with the volume. So many think this is a pay issue and it’s not. Now that we are forced back to work buy this new bill passed by our lovely Trudeau government, they estimated approximately 315 workers across Canada will become injured between now and Christmas. That in my opinion is not acceptable

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