Breaking! SOLD – CFN is Officially Sold 010319

Cornwall Ontario – Cornwall Ontario’s largest newspaper has been sold ! After several years a deal was finally consummated.

Details are not available at this time and will be released over the next few months. The Newspaper will be moving in a new direction under the new ownership group.

Jamie Gilcig will be stepping down as publisher. He will still be its editor and writer for 2019. His new contract does not specify that he remain in Cornwall to do so however. Mr. Gilcig had no comment at this time.

The newspaper, founded by Gilcig in February 2009, will celebrate its 10th Anniversary next month. For its 5th Mr. Gilcig was falsely arrested by Cornwall Police for allegedly making Phone threats.

The charges were laid without checking actual phone records and even when a production order showed none were made as per disclosure the peace conditions were not removed for nearly a year while Gilcig was running for mayor. Those involved directly were Casey MacGregor, Chad Maxwell and former Chief Dan Parkinson(who banked nearly $1M in a new contract during the process) of the CCPS as well as Cornwall Crown Jennifer Burke. Former Mayor at the time, Bob Kilger was running for mayor and his campaign manager, Pat Finucan, was chair of the Police Board at that time.

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  1. Who bought CFN.. Jamie, you will be missed. I’ve always enjoyed CFN. A BIG THANK YOU

  2. Jamie ,
    CFN moving in a different direction very interesting ;
    Will you be leaving CORNWALL ?
    Should that be so , good luck to you in your future endeavours .

  3. Would be nice to read the whole article. I guess this falls under the criteria for “paid” reading. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  4. Author

    Hugger CFN is worth a lot more than the $9.99 subscription fee to read our Premium Content. Cough up 🙂

  5. I’d consider it IF I knew what was coming down the pipe once the changes are made. Pre-paying is sort of paying for a 3 yr contract with ComWave. Sure you get 6 months free. But if you don’t like what they deliver you’re stuck for 3 yrs. I’ll wait and see what happens with CFN before I decide if I want to buy in. And a new direction, that leaves me leery about paying upfront.

  6. Author

    That’s your choice Hugger, but $9.99 for 2019 is a bargain 🙂

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