Cornwall Embarrassed Again After Police Shut Down Hospital & Schools Over an Alleged Pellet Gun. By Jamie Gilcig JAN 8 2019

Cornwall Embarrassed Again After Police Shut Down Hospital & Schools Over an Alleged Pellet Gun. By Jamie Gilcig JAN 8 2019

In what has to be a most embarrassing mess of policing by the Cornwall Police under Chief Danny Aikman, thousands of residents had their lives impacted today over an alleged pellet gun.

The police are simply not answering key questions. There was no clear incident. No shots fired, no stories of a weapon directly aimed yet the UCDSB and police essentially sent waves of fear through the community.

Is this erring on the side of caution or simply gross incompetence by a force clearly not trained on how to deal with issues like this or when the police force covered up a stolen sub machine gun.

The biggest question a reasonable person would ask is how the police force could know it was a pellet gun if they didn’t know who was allegedly carrying the gun? And if they knew someone was discharging a pellet gun how did they not get to them in such a small city in such a short period of time?

The CCPS confirmed it did not consult with an outside force, but perhaps if they had talked with the OPP or RCMP they might have averted the drama that was needlessly created.

I totally agree with always erring on the side of caution, especially when it comes to safety and the safety of our children, but this clearly wasn’t erring on the side of caution; anymore than a stand off with an empty Cornwall motel room was a few years ago.

This was a force lacking leadership and expertise spending city resources and scaring the crap out parents across the city.

It really is time to ask the OPP to do a costing for service in Cornwall.

What do you think dear Cornwall? Were you impacted by this hot mess?

You can comment below.


Cornwall, ON – The Cornwall Police Service is actively investigating a report of a suspicious male seen in the area of Amelia Street and Seventh Street at approximately 8:50 am this morning. As such, the public will note an increased presence of police officers in the area searching for the male. Schools in the vicinity have been advised. CCVS has been placed on a lockdown and all other schools within that area have been placed on hold & secure as a precautionary measure only. No injuries have been reported. The investigation is in its early stages and more information will be released as it becomes available.

UPDATE – 11:38 AM

The Cornwall Community Hospital has also been placed on lockdown at this time. Ambulances are still being accepted and a triage nurse is available for all absolute emergencies. There is currently no in and out traffic from both Main hospital building and Community Addiction and Mental Health Centre being permitted. 

UPDATE – 12:09 PM 

The Cornwall Police Service is currently looking for a man who may be in possession of a rifle. The man was sighted in the area of Amelia Street and Seventh Street at approximately 8:50 am. No injuries have been reported at this time. Police are asking residents in the area of Second Street to Ninth Street, and Nick Kaneb Drive to Cumberland Avenue to remain in their residence. We thank the public for their cooperation at this time. Further updates to follow.

UPDATE – 1:10 PM

The Cornwall Community Hospital continues to be under lockdown, and local schools continue to be under hold and secure. For the purpose of public safety, anyone wishing to leave these facilities or residences in the previously noted area must do so at their own discretion.  An update will be provided shortly concerning the recommended procedure for the end of school.

UPDATE – 2:50 PM

The Cornwall Police Service continues to thank the public for their patience and understanding as we continue to investigate. The investigation continues to be ongoing and the current lockdowns remain in place until further notice. We are actively working with the local schoolboards to coordinate the end of school pick up procedure and will advise an update shortly.

UPDATE  – 3:00 PM

Please be advised all buses for schools within the City of Cornwall have been cancelled. Parents are advised to attend their child’s school to pick them up.

UPDATE – 3:55 PM

After an extensive investigation, the Cornwall Police Service wish to announce that all lockdowns have now been lifted and public safety is no longer believed to be a concern. The investigation has revealed the alleged weapon to be a pellet gun. This incident is still under investigation, however, it is now safe for residents to leave their homes. We would like to thank the public for their patience and cooperation. More information is to follow at a News Conference taking place at 4:15 pm at City Hall.

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