Flooding at Cornwall Port of Entry Causes Delays JAN 11, 2019

For your information, we’ve had an infrastructure issue at the Cornwall port of entry today that has caused some delays and changes to our normal processing of travellers and commercial vehicles. Here is a summary of the situation and the tweets we’ve issued this morning on @CBSANOR and @ASFCRNO.

At 4:00 am, a water main pipe burst under the road exiting the #Cornwall port. Cornwall public works on site since 7:00 am to assist. Temporary processing was set up at the Seaway Bridge toll booth.

The port of entry has now resumed processing travellers with three lanes open. The port of entry is closed to Commercial Truck traffic and are being diverted to Prescott.

Travellers should expect delays and plan their travel with this in mind. We will continue to provide updates until full service is restored.

Cornwall Public Works has not yet determined the extent of the issue, what needs to be done to correct the problem and how long that might take. We will provide further updates and photos through twitter as the situation evolves.

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  1. This was totally to be expected, given that the Port of Entry was only constructed as a “temporary” facility.

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