Trashy Meeting of Cornwall City Council Turns Ugly Over Garbage Recycling Contract 011619

Leave it to Cornwall City Management to find ways to turn the optics ugly when it comes to contracts and RFPs.

Just like the GSDL Pharmacy contract where it appeared that Medical Arts Pharmacy was screwed over, now long time service provider HGC is fighting for its survival locally.

For the record I’m happy for them to be replaced as I’ve had poor incidents from their service twice with no resolution either time. I don’t think they do their job that well.

However the process for service has to be more open and more clear. If City management wants a bell or whistle it has to be really clearly stated in documents tendered to those bidding.

The dramz about job losses is meaningless in this situation, unless of course you’re one of those that may lose their jobs if HGC loses the contract. As the new company would have to hire its own new staff.

The other BS from city hall is that council is forced to rubber stamp management recommendation or face litigation. Isn’t the entire point of bringing it to council is because they have to decide?

If council’s decision doesn’t matter then we don’t really need them, do we? Which highlights the problem with a council that is rigged and gerrymandered; filled with private interests and buffoons who shouldn’t be allowed to use cutlery, nevermind make decisions that cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

I totally understand some of the monkeys on this council getting excited by terms proposed by a brand new company with very little experience, but here’s the thing that council is forgetting.

We live in a very special community. Our taxes are already way more than they should be. They really are. We also live in a community or time where people don’t really follow the rules.

You want to put a six bag limit on Cornwall? Really? Where do you think those 7th bags will go?

You don’t want large items picked up? What you do think will happen?

Most of you reading this totally understands this. The problem is that CAO Maureen Adams lives in Long Sault. Many city management don’t live in the East End of Cornwall, or even within the city.

These decisions have to be not just what’s best for the community, but for what’s practical. Also, do seniors, which we have a large percentage of in Cornwall, need to tag and count garbage bags? Do they really need pressure at their ages to make sure all their recycling is all pretty and ready to go? I mean, have you seen some of them try to use debit cards?

This writer thinks not. This writer thinks that there’s nothing wrong with common sense which council and city management seem to be lacking.

And taking in bids much larger for less service ultimately doesn’t make much sense when you’re mumbling about a 7% tax hike.

Does it?


  1. City management need to be fired!! If council don’t have a say, then what does that say about them? The public elected people who don’t stand up for what is right so this is no surprise. This city will continue to spiral down at tax payers expense.

  2. This really has turned into a clusterf**k. Saying council really has no choice but to pick the “winner” of the RFP is wrong. Council should be given the options and let them decide. And picking the new company because they included all the bells and whistles while HGC was told the extras weren’t required. City management needs to be overhauled so we get what council decides, not what mgt wants!!!

  3. The dog should be wagging the tail, not the tail wagging the dog. It’s a pretty simple concept. But city management thinks they should be running the city, not city council. Time to fire the non compliant managers.

  4. Author

    It should be spelled out clearly in any RFP and tender that it must be passed by council to be moved forward. If that language isn’t there someone should be fired.

  5. Agreed Admin. But this city management doesn’t understand this concept. They continue to push items to council giving them no other options.

  6. Pathetic management again. Fire these bums. Who the hell are they to decide over elected council. I’m not a big fan of HGC employees either as they constantly slam my blue box and garbage can damaging them both.

  7. Time for the horse to take over. No more the tail wagging the horse. Council must be the ones to decide, not city administrators because on their scorecard the new company “scored” more points. If HGC had been given the same info as Environmental 360 they would have come in with the lower bid.

  8. Author

    Or higher bid and adapted. This reminds me of what appeared to be the screwing over that Medical Arts got over the GSDL contract.

  9. Not to mention all the lives they are putting at risk because they can’t manage a snow storm. No prevention, no plowing in my area at all. My husband slipped in the first three corners he turned on Wednesday but that useless art center is the focus of yet another debt tax payers will be paying for. An absolute shame.

  10. Or if city administrators had done their job correctly and told HGC what they had told Environmental 360. From seeing questions HGC asked and the answers they were given it’s obvious who city administrators want as the chosen one.

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