HOCKEY CRUNCH – Habs Fans & Team Deserve Play Off Cookie from Bergy by Jamie Gilcig 020119

It’s been an interesting year. It’s been a weird year. With very low expectations les boys are firmly in a playoff spot, even if it’s just a wild card one.

Carey decided to be Carey once his bud Captain Shea Weber was back and Tie Domi has been a refreshing player to watch.

Now this isn’t a Cup contending squad. In fact the only reason Hab fans are this happy is because of how bad they were last year.

This is still a team with more question marks than answers, but at least it feels they now are heading in the right direction.

It seems like Mr. Molson is letting Mr. Bergevin do his job, especially since Bergy has cleaned out his buds from the coaching ranks.

This team shouldn’t be trading with the big boys, but there is always value out there and you can’t bottle talent. The habs have a lot of spare parts which should be liquidated and they have some chips to make a hockey trade rather than a rental.

But with 2 4ths and 2 5ths there may be an interesting rental out there too.

The team’s biggest need is for a LD to play with Weber. That might not be addressed at the deadline and frankly should’ve already been resolved as nobody really thought Alzener, Mete, or Schlemko would be that d man.

They also need a bit more grit. Not goonie grit, but some sandpaper and talent. How many years did Washington fizzle out in the playoffs before Tom Wilson’s arrival?

And in today’s Women’s NHL league where it seems D men are not allowed to clear the net or forwards finish their checks some sandpaper is very valuable.

I’d love to see a sneaky trade where the Habs pick up Lemieux Jr. from Winterpeg and see what he can do in Montreal.

I don’t think trading major assets right now for a rental makes sense. I think most of the NHL is seeing that now. Trades have to make sense, but if you have a good hand you really do have to go all in.

The thing is how many NHL teams think they are that close to the cup? I see only 6 or 7 teams at most and that’s being generous. There really are only 3 or 4 teams that should be big game rental hunting.

No, les boys need a taste of playoff hockey as much as the fans do. It’ll help turn some of them into men, and for management to see where they need to be moving forward.

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