Yada Yada Yada MPP Randy Hillier Suspended From PC Caucus Over NDP Autism Spat 022020

Randy Hillier is kinda like the Don Cherry of Ontario Politics. You either love his style or you want to strangle him with his suspenders, metaphorically of course.

The firebrand MPP got into a match over Autism which has led to the suspension by Premier Doug Ford so his caucus can mull….

Premier Ford was quoted as commenting:

“I want to listen to every parent and every family member who wants to share their stories and their asks. But Mr. Hillier’s comments crossed the line and that is unacceptable.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Parents of Autistic children are upset at the PC government’s plan to spread the funding pie which many feel will leave them with crumbs.

It should be interesting to see how this falls out as MPP Lisa Macleod, the minister on the file, is already in the soup with calls for her resignation by the same groups of parents.

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