By Mary Anne Pankhurst – April 15, 2019 It’s World Autism Month, a perfect time to help foster greater understanding and support for the people in our lives who are on the spectrum. But it’s also an opportunity to dispel myths. Especially that cobwebbed carry-over from a now 20-year-old, fraudulentContinue Reading

I’ve only lived in this area since 2004, but something I’ve noticed is that people are not big on being accountable and owning their messes. I know that’s universal, but it’s especially ugly here, especially top down. When MPP Jim McDonell made a total boob of himself using the termContinue Reading

A very tiny protest led to police officers rushing to MPP Jim McDonell’s office on 2nd Street West in Cornwall this afternoon. It’s alleged that staff hit the actual panic button when a 5 year old wouldn’t stop fidgeting with the blinds in the riding office. No charges have beenContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – You’d think as empty as Cornwall Square usually is they’d be happy to have anyone shopping, but sadly an incident occurred involving a mom of an autistic boy. Apparently a security guard took issue with loud noises from the child and not only asked them to leave,Continue Reading