SD&SG MPP Jim McDonell Tire Fires Autism Incident in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig 031919

SD&SG MPP Jim McDonell Tire Fires Autism Incident in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig 031919

I’ve only lived in this area since 2004, but something I’ve noticed is that people are not big on being accountable and owning their messes.

I know that’s universal, but it’s especially ugly here, especially top down.

When MPP Jim McDonell made a total boob of himself using the term “nazi” regarding the former Liberal government it blew up.

Instead of handling it properly he made it worse to the point where some of my confreres from LA reached out to me.

As the creator of the 2003 Oscar nominated Holocaust Documentary Prisoner of Paradise, a few noted that I lived where this goofy incident happened.

I reached out to try and help, but Jim refused, which was when I posted a photo to try and explain graphically what he had done verbally. In no form did I suggest that Jimbo was a Nazi or racist. Mostly that’s he’s an ignorant human being with a big mouth.

Jim eventually offered a limp apology for the incident and then more news bumped the story down the page.

But here we are now with a simple incident occurring in his office that was horribly handled.

Some upset Autism families showed up for a peaceful protest hoping to get some info.

Apparently a female staffer, alleged to be his main brain, Marilyn McMahon, decided to hit the panic button and have this dastardly autistic child removed by police for fidgeting with the blinds.

Now panic buttons are in certain places for very specific reasons. They are akin to fire alarms. They are not to be used unless there’s a fire or in the case of panic buttons, legitimate threats.

In this case, as confirmed by the CCPS, three police cars zoomed to the location. The parents there were shocked. On social media they commented how polite the police were and they decided to leave.

No charges were issued, but the one charge or ticket that surely should have been was to the staffer who hit that panic button.

What sadly our MPP failed to do was the obvious, which was to issue a statement apologizing to the families involved and more importantly to the City of Cornwall and CCPS for misuse of the panic button.

Three police cars on panic mode and everything it entails is a pricey exercise. Approximately $3000+. A new set of blinds if needed would be a lot less. This writer thinks that a $3,000 donation should be made to an Autism charity by the MPP, if not more.

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Our MPP should’ve made that apology, shown some empathy to the families, and then stressed how his office would get some extra training in on the use of the panic button.

Instead our useless lump of a MPP, who would not have been elected most likely if his name wasn’t McDonell, stood up for the staffer who hit the panic button.

Which of course blows up the incident. Even Hugo at the Freeholder squeaked out aloud about it, and Hugo rarely squeaks!

It’s never too late to man up and earn your paycheck Mr. McDonell. It would be nice to see something positive from you and your office for all of us who pay your salaries.

If you wish we’re happy to offer you a full page here to do so at no cost. I’m sure Marilyn knows how to reach CFN.

And to the families of children of autism. You have a tough lot in life, but if you’re going to protest you need a lot more voices than the amount that showed up. It’s how politics works. The squeaky blind gets the attention!

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