Bank St Incident Leads to Dogs Being Shot by Ottawa Police 03199

Aggressive dog shot by officers during an attack

 (Ottawa) –The Ottawa Police Service is advising of an incident in the area of Bank Street and Athans Avenue late last night just prior to 11:00pm. 

Frontline officers attended the residential area regarding a person screaming.  Once on-scene, a large aggressive dog lunged towards the officers. As a result, this dog was shot and injured causing it to retreat into the residence. 

Officers’ attention was then turned to another large dog who was mauling a person outside the residence.  Officers shot and killed this dog to prevent it from further injuring this person.   The 44 year old female was transported to hospital with serious but non life-threatening injuries.   

No officers were injured during this incident.  Ottawa By-law Services continue to investigate this incident. 

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  1. The animals have more brains than most humans have. That is total and complete neglect and disrespect for others to have ones dogs out without a leash and without supervision. The animals owner should be charged for this happening and there is no excuse for any of this to happen. I have encountered a mad dog as a child coming home from elementary school in my day in Cornwall.

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