Gail Vaz Oxlade Autism Rant @ Lisa MacLeod Proves the Power of a Word. By Jamie Gilcig 070119 PROFANITY ALERT

George Carlin would be smiling from ear to ear over the latest explosion about the use of one of his Seven Words you can’t say on TV.

Earlier this week Gail, an autism advocate, and clearly not a fan of the Ford gov’t, tweeted out :

“Does she know her mother is a heartless cunt? 

Gail Vaz-Oxlade (@GailVazOxlade) June 27, 2019

Now that’s a word that I can’t imagine any elected official never having heard, especially as most elected officials are one. I mean it’s part of the tool kit. You have to submerge your true beliefs many times and toe the party line on issues you may not agree on.

It’s the most common word in the box of swear words and usually the heavy.

In this case one word has had a multi million dollar impact. More people are aware of the autism issue and Ms McLeod’s former role in the government involving the autism file which has parents of those kids fuming.

The blow back on this also shows how society is crumbling. It also shows how many women in politics, some elected even, still have a long way to go.

Just because we all believe in equal opportunity doesn’t mean that a person is equal to the task just because of said opportunity. There’s an evolutionary curve and most times we all pay for those to evolve.

And this is a Woman’s issue ultimately. It’s mostly women having an issue at a comment typed by a very strong woman who clearly has no regrets.

That last one rings very true. You can be polite and say the most hurtful things without using certain terms, but for many hearing those terms penetrates and gets to the point.

Ms Vaz Oxlade communicated and got the attention of a lot of people with the use of a single word. Isn’t that magical and wonderful at the end of the day?

No tweets from Andrea Horwath or Kathleen Wynne. They’re smart and savvy ####’s politically. Well maybe not Kathy so much, but both were smart enough to simply ignore the use of a word they both have probably heard and read quite a bit. (and maybe have used themselves?)

At the end of the day Gail wins. She made her point loudly and clearly.

And who loses? Autistic kids, who at the end of the day won’t see their lot change because of a single word.

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