Alexandria Cornwall Diocese SUSPENDS Deacon PETER McBRIDE after Vero Beach Prostitution & Human Trafficking STING 030119

The Alexandria Cornwall Catholic Diocese issued a release today related to charges against Deacon Peter McBride, 78.

According to Florida media he was observed receiving a sex act while in a massage room.

Oddly enough the release above is different than the one in Florida which reported that the US diocese notified our local as opposed to the release stating that they learned from the media?

“Peter McBride is a deacon from Canada and not incardinated in the Diocese of Palm Beach, however he had been given permission to minister while he was here. Since all clergy are fingerprinted before they are given permission to minister, and their fingerprints are retained on file in the event of any legal action involving law enforcement, the Diocese was recently notified by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that an incident had occurred. The Deacon’s permission to perform any public ministry in the Diocese of Palm Beach was immediately rescinded and his home Diocese in Canada was notified.”

The massage parlors were alleged to have been involved in human trafficking as well as sex work.

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