#OPP Investigate Area Man Alleged to Have Beaten Four Year Old Girl Near Cornwall Ontario 260318

The mob is out with their pitchforks on social media in the Cornwall Ontario area after allegations were made including the name and photo of a man accused of beating a four year old area girl who ended up in hospital with fracture(s).

The OPP confirmed that there is now an investigation and that the child has serious non life threatening injuries.

We will update if more information is available for public consumption.

The comments on social media are violent in nature in response to the claims. (WARNING OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE ALERT)

Kayla N Chris Ferreira This guy is no minor he’s 20 fuck it this guy needs what he needs why is people so scared this guy needs to get fucked in his face hard

Amber Ashley Shorey-LerouxKayla N Chris Ferreira don’t protect him, feed him to the people!

Makaveli Bazinet U fucking piss of shit think your a man put u hand a a baby wit no diffence karma will catch u fucking gooff u better hope I don’t see u before the cops dose u fucking child abuse like u have no fucking life

Kit Wubs If you wrap the body in chicken wire the fish’ll eat the corpse and the wire will release the gasses so it stays submerged…


CFN can confirm that the man alleged to have beat the child had been charged for animal cruelty in the past and pled guilty. .


  1. That is Cornhole for you an uneducated bunch of drug addicts and plenty of child abuse but this even goes beyond ordinary abuse and if I had hold of that man and I am a woman a senior I would beat the living shit out of him and so many others down in that God Forsaken Evil Town called Cornwall but it is CORNHOLE THE SHIT HOLE OF CANADA.

  2. Once again ….guilty until proven otherwise. Arrggghhhh!!!!! How about we let the OPP do their job?

    And whatever happened to the English language? Some of those comments were hard to read, let alone understand what the writer was trying to convey. Seriously, English is a beautiful language until it is destroyed by people trying to take shortcuts with it.

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