BREAKING – Protesters @ CAS in Cornwall at NOON Thursday March 28, 2019 Over 4 Year Old Girl Who was Beaten.

A social media page created for those concerned about the safety of what happened to a four year old child in Cornwall has announced a peaceful protest for noon today at the CAS offices on Boundary Road.

Protesters have been warned by organizers to keep it real or police would be called.

Many are outraged that no charges have been laid after it hit social media two days ago.

One person was led in cuffs by police after a lynch mob formed where they were staying in the East End of Cornwall. Over a dozen officers had to be deployed to safely remove them from the home near Alice & Walton.

CFN can confirm that this person previously pled guilty to animal abuse charges as reported on CFN.

Social media pages have been filled with wild speculation and sadly images showing the child after the incident.

We will update as more information becomes available.

Both the OPP and CCPS have not disclosed the incident or issued a statement as of press time.

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  1. it’s not up to CAS to charge this guy. It’s up to the police. Shouldn’t the protest be at the police station? I’m sure CAS is doing everything they can in these circumstances.

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