Was Pellet Gate in Cornwall Really an Umbrella in a Backpack? by Jamie Gilcig 050719

Startling communications allege that an event that caused city wide panic and locked down schools and hospitals in January was essentially gross mismanagement by #CCPS Chief Danny Aikman and Deputy Chief Shawna Spowart.

The allegations from multiple sources claim that the incident was over an UMBRELLA in a back pack.

The original incident, which we covered, fleshes out an original report from the public around 9AM. CFN reports shortly thereafter.

Around 11AM our only hospital is put on shut down. Note that at this time there has been zero, nothing, nada, no confirmed incident of a shot fired or even a weapon aimed. There has been no police confirmation of a perp even.

Just after noon the police are doing some door to door searching for a man with a rifle and put out some info:

The Cornwall Police Service is currently looking for a man who may be in possession of a rifle. The man was sighted in the area of Amelia Street and Seventh Street at approximately 8:50 am. No injuries have been reported at this time. Police are asking residents in the area of Second Street to Ninth Street, and Nick Kaneb Drive to Cumberland Avenue to remain in their residence. We thank the public for their cooperation at this time. Further updates to follow.

Around 1 PM schools and the hospital are still in lock down. Again, no shots fired. No threats disclosed. No actual “shooter” reported seen by police.

Question? How can police be looking for someone that has not been identified other than a public report? Or even someone that “MAY BE” carrying a rifle? Why use the term MAYBE?

Around 3 PM schools have been cancelled; again, no shooter, no perp, and of course if there is a live shooter, knowing that parents and kids are coagulating in front of schools creates targets of opportunity and puts the community in grave danger.

While there had been reports, according to the CCPS of shots fired around Marlborough and Fifth, there were no confirmations by police of any actual incident.

Around 4 PM a hasty press conference is put together where the Mayor waves her flippers around before a Sgt Maxwell talks about a pellet gun issue to the point of showing pellets found on the street. Of course there are no real forensics on pellets. They could’ve simply been near where the cadets practice or simply removed fresh from a package.

And that raises more questions than answers given. We had a call from someone claiming to be with the CCPS who described a situation of panic and mayhem not seen since the Keystone Kops.

CFN sent in some follow up questions and asked for a final report. That report was refused as our source suggested that we demand it. Without a specific case number it would make a FOI difficult to get true results for.

We asked our source about the Umbrella and they clearly said that it was known that it was umbrella early, and that once the jump on lock downs occurred their superiors didn’t want to be embarrassed.

Essentially what they described was like a game of Texas Holdem where someone goes “all in” hoping to bluff their way through.

The city has CCTV cameras, especially in some of the areas covered in the search and reported no images of any shooter. Surely no lock down should’ve been called for without legitimate threats or visual evidence by police of a clear and present danger.

Sources at the OPP, speaking off record, had quite the laugh about how it went down as “officers talk”.

Some of CFN’s US law enforcement sources also scratched their heads at the official story again citing no disclosed clear and present danger warranting a city wide lock down, especially of the hospital and schools. One suggested that it all might have been an exercise that they didn’t expect a media outlet to run with and instead of communicating early to clarify, allowed it to blow up? They were horrified at the students and parents mobbing up in front of the schools when released instead of a normal bus evacuation if needed.

The CCPS denied any exercise occurred that day.

To this date the CCPS have no issued a final report publicly. They have not issued any photos to the media or public; or any 911 call recordings.

While none of the allegations about an Umbrella being the cause of so much hysteria and expense, and these allegations, have not been proven, it appears the CCPS is very much wet.

We may never get the truth from our police, but surely we should.

What do you think dear CFN viewers? Should the police be held accountable for whatever actually occurred back in January?

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  1. This whole foolishness suggests at least two things…
    1. Cornwall has a population heavy on hysteria and light on critical thinking.
    2. The Cornwall Police Service is light on preparedness and heavy on covering their pink arses.

    Oh and wait…
    3.The Cornwall Free News is not a timid little tool of the establishment/clique.

    Simon says…
    Support a FREE press.

  2. Author

    If as many people by percentage supported CFN as much as they appear to be supporting a serial defamer we’d have two more journalists on staff?

  3. Jamie your paper is the only real news in town. I sit here laughing at the Freeloader from past to present and nothing has changed at all. I sit here picturing mom and dad sharing that cursed Freeloader which was a big waste of precious paper and money. YOU ARE TOPS JAMIE AND THEY ARE ALL ENVIOUS OF YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS. The Freeloader was only good for their woodstove.

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