When I started CFN and Seaway Radio it was about views from the public. As I’ve shared publicly many times; nobody, not a single person, moves to Cornwall Ontario because they seek attention.

As a long time fan of talk radio and good debate I was hoping to achieve something here, but sadly, while like many places, there simply isn’t a public ability to converse without abuse.

Frankly that’s boring. Likewise, for those of us who’ve invested in CFN; whether it be cash or service; we really don’t enjoy weak, repetitive, and strange comments. There is no addition to the content or value.

Reading local social media frankly is scary. When actual thoughts are communicated many times you simply wish that the party couldn’t. We call it the Randy Sauve factor. Stupid, bullying, and pointless is boring. I didn’t enjoy wrestling either as a kid as I knew it was fake and really kinda strange.

I digress.

And the ratio of time moderating to viewer support simply doesn’t justify the time expense any longer.

With social media being social media we’ll leave commentary to those circles. Viewers will still be able to post to our social media channels, but comments on CFN will be ending as of July 31st, 2019.

Comments in place will remain; even Jules.

In the end just look at our elected officials. Look at our supposed community leaders. Does anyone really want to know what Jim McDonnell or Rick Shaver think? Or Sue Stewart? Have you ever tried to have a conversation with these people? Or our closeted mayor? Or a jacked up on Eric Duncan who wants to be our MP? These folks are supposed to be at the top of the pyramid. Slide down and frankly it gets really scary! Almost as scary as talking philosophy with Tammy Hart!

So enjoy for these last few months. We listened for ten years. While there were some shining moments that will be cherished, this community simply didn’t support it like it didn’t its public art gallery or bereavement service, or so much that deserves to be supported.


  1. Author

    Hugger I’m here for 2019. CFN isn’t going anywhere although there will be big changes. This community doesn’t seem to support anything other than pedophilia, corruption, and people like Gilles Latour. People sadly enable the worst and don’t support the best here in Cornwall, Akwesasne, & SD&G.

    CFN has a large and wide audience. After ten years I simply am not willing to invest anything further in this community until people stand up for themselves and each other. If they want to get raped; literally and fiscally, let them enjoy.

    Life is too short and wonderful to care about victims who deserve to be victims, because that really makes them enablers and not victims.

  2. The question remains …was CFN sold or not??

  3. Author

    Hugger that question has been answered very very clearly.

  4. One thought!!

  5. Jamie that is wonderful news that you are moving on. I did that many years ago and could never get used to a mighty backward mentality after living in Ottawa. Cornwall no matter which area of town are mighty backward and uneducated Yahoos on the planet. One man in Cornhole told my husband many years ago Cornwall is Cornwall no matter which area – la même chose et pas de dignité.

  6. I’m surprised comments have survived this long. Most media have eliminated and / or moved comments to FB, Disqus or the twit feed. CSF uses FB, when the comments work (about 50% of the time).

    Will I miss the comments? Yes and no. I will miss some aspects and not miss others. If I need to draw a picture for anyone then we deserve the tweedle dees we have sitting for us here , TO and Bytown.

  7. Well some people will miss my comments since I tell the truth and I don’t tell lies at all. Cornhole has been the biggest hole in my life and my heart was mighty broken down there with the treatment that I received. I would love to moon the town if I was not such a lady and more so. I have been hurt badly by that gd cursed down and will never ever forget it.

  8. Some of us were born here in Cornwall, and are not affluent but rather working class folk who can’t afford to move but do long for a better life. So to be called “pedophiles” & “uneducated” for playing the cards we were dealt is offensive and hurts. Leaders in power are the same everywhere and most here don’t even live in this town. CFN is not the cash cow you hoped for, so we’re all to blame.

  9. Author

    Jerry CFN was never expected to be a cash cow. And as easy as it can be to blame the clique the simple truth is the problem is the enablers. I’ve watched three elections become progressively corrupt and essentially rigged.

    We just watched a unqualified hand picked committee white wash a 29% overspending by Mayor Clement. The issue is that the public sanctioned this overall. Read the comments on social media. Who while reading from outside Cornwall would want to invest or build in this community? So a small circle are essentially allowed to fiscally and spiritually rape this community and thousands sit in silence, fear, or ignorance sanctioning that?

    No sour grapes on my end. Just as I’d always said; if I ever gave up on Cornwall and the area it wouldn’t be because of the “bad folks” but simply because the good people don’t care enough to stand up for themselves and others.

    It’s that simple. And now the fun begins as I start to publish the accumulated archives.

    There’s an awesome Chinese Curse “May you get what you wish for.”

    I think there are about 20 people in the clique who really really will wish they never wished for certain things. The truth is always the greatest weapon. Their words, deeds, and actions highlighted on these pages will be their epitaphs.

  10. I agree with jerry 100%, and with admin to a certain degree.

  11. WOW!! Just WOW!!

  12. Jerry I too was born in that hell hole and I don’t come from a rich family or anything like that. Hubby came from Lebanon and was new to the country and we both picked up and moved in a small van. Mom literally cried watching us move that way from her verranda. I will never forget mom and her expressions and we sure did move from that gd dirty town. We are now back in our old apartment here in

  13. Jerry pedophiles go after people who are uneducated and poor. You don’t have to be rich in any way to leave that god forsaken town. Hubby and I are not rich at all and we were as poor as the rat that we first lived in a dump in centre town surrounded by Chinese people. We had a resident rat on four legs in our unit until I got a job (permanent) in the federal government back then.

  14. I will miss commenting and I like Jamie very much. Jamie came from Montréal and set up a business in Cornhole and he made it Jerry. You cannot be afraid to venture. I was petrified back in the mid 70’s and I found it hard to live here and it took a while to get used to Ottawa and today I don’t ever want to return to Cornhole not even for a visit – not even the shortest one on record.

  15. Jamie I took that very same motto that you wrote about life being too short and about getting raped by the clique and all the rest. If one doesn’t belong to that clique then they don’t belong in that cursed low life town. Some people with whom I knew many years ago told me to get out of Cornhole and that it was a dead town and go to Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, etc. but get the hell out of there.

  16. The only thing that I would miss is Jamie and nothing else. Jamie has the experience and the talent to go elsewhere whereas the rest of the Cornholites are stuck down there literally since they don’t know how to go elsewhere for better. Educated and intelligent people don’t live in Cornhole at all and they move on.

  17. Jamie my daughter told me this morning that the Ontario Government is cancelling OR giving less in student loans and grants. I haven’t fallen on this piece of news just yet but she has. I will have to ask her where she got it. My daughter read it on Twitter and she said to google it on OSAP/Ford. Get ready for a depression coming – things are very bad worldwide. Thank God no house OMG.

  18. Changes to OSAP were first announced in February.

  19. There are many students who are defaulting on student loans and this is the main reason for the cut back. My daughter is paying for her student loan every month and is paying a small portion because of her income where she is only part time and minimum wage. The only good thing about my daughter’s job is that she is close to home. Later she will apply for better. Things are bad economically.

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