2 Time Offender Cornwall Police #CPS Cst DANIEL MERPAW Dinged 160 Hours for Discreditable Conduct 061319

There seems to be an interesting war going on at the Cornwall Police Service. Some veteran officers have been coming under fire and being taken to task.

There’s some irony to this as it seems to be very selective justice.

One insider called it a revenge play by new management.

The latest is a 160 penalty to Cst DANIEL MERPAW for calling in sick so he could head off to Florida.

Cst Merpaw would not be the first person to ever use a sick day for things not related to being sick. The penalty was a plea deal. IE all the parties had a chat or two and came to the conclusion and penalty with the report showing that Cst Merpaw cooperated, but then what else could he really do once he was caught.

What’s more interesting would be to know who fingered him for this deed; especially on a force where there have been allegations of officers playing ball while on duty and even more bizarre of gun games occurring at police HQ?

The public of course needs to have faith in the police force, especially when one like the Cornwall force costs as much or more per capita than Toronto which is the most expensive force in the province. (an example being the cost of changing the police service from Cornwall Community Police Service to Cornwall Police Service at the alleged whim of Chief Danny Fife Aikman)

We need to feel safe in our communities and we need to know that our officers have integrity and will “Serve and Protect” all of us and not just they are told to as though they are a private police service.

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