Reliance Home Comfort Saves the Day After Union Gas Man Can’t Light Pilot. By Jamie Gilcig 070919

What a long and weird journey.

The City of Cornwall in its petty lack of wisdom decided to rip up my downtown street one block up and one block down.

One of my neighbors suggested that our block wasn’t done because I live here. I laughed and said that even Maureen Adams couldn’t be that petty and ignorant. After all, it’d cost taxpayers over a hundred thousand dollars extra to have to later fix just our block according to some experts.

Sure enough my neighbors mounted a petition and our street is being ripped up.

Sadly, in Cornwall style, no notices were given about the gas being shut off and this morning as I tried to make breakfast for the kidlets there was no gas!

The Union gas guys were sweating it out in the heat. I don’t know how they do it. I guess we all have our special skills. I was promised that they would finish today and that they’d have to come in and relight the pilots of our gas devices. A neighbor across the street said she didn’t get a notice from the city either.

Credit for Union Gas as they had someone pop over and say niceties and apologizing for no notices even though it apparently was the City’s job.

Sadly the Union Gas guy couldn’t relight the pilot of our brand new Reliance Home Comfort Hot Water tank. It was bewildering. He couldn’t light our fireplace pilot either… But luckily a call to Mike Kolatschek in Toronto saw local HVAC Guru Kerry Roy here in no time, and our hot water pilot lit within minutes!

A huge shout out to Mike, Kerry, and Reliance Home Comfort for making our home comfortable during this messy and ugly construction!

It’s great in 2019 to see the level of service and care my family saw today from this amazing company!

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