Frustrated Contractors Exploring Class Action Against City of Cornwall Ontario for Permit Delays 080219

CFN has been getting calls from area contractors complaining of high priced delays because of what they feel is incompetence and abuse at City Hall in Cornwall Ontario.

Every week delay is costing me thousands of dollars…It adds up!

Anonymous Contractor

They’re explaining that these delays trickle down to service providers.

At the end of the day people talk and some are suggesting that is why some are switching over to the counties or simply limiting projects.

You’d think with the new development fees they’d bring in more help for us?

Anonymous Contractor

The biggest complaints coming in is that they use licensed professionals to assist their process only to have an unqualified person at City Hall request more information which can lead to a two week delay only to be given another request instead of any queries coming in at one time.

How can this city grow if they hold us back from building it?

Anonymous Contractor

Another complained that most of the time when they get to an inspection the inspector from the city simply isn’t qualified or understands what they’re inspecting.

One person speaking off the record said simply that City Hall is understaffed and is purposely delaying work to deal with the backlog of requests.

The contractors simply had been comparing notes and sharing horror stories when the trend started to be seen. Allegedly a Toronto regional firm specializing in Class Actions has been contacted and a preliminary consultation set.

CFN will be updating as more information becomes available. If you wish to communicate with us email or call our hot line at 855 444 1133. All communications are confidential.

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  1. Unqualified inspectors holding things up, having to go back and check the codes, back and forth. Not certain what the code calls for. Just like city administration and elected officials. UNQUALIFIED to do their job.

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