How Many Break Ins Did Cornwall Ontario Have in 2018? CLICK FOR DETAILS 082619

It’s a challenge being a media outlet in 2019. If you do your actual job and tell the truth in news you end up being hated by those that control the wheels of power.

The simple truth is bad people who do bad things really hate you if you truthfully expose their dirty deeds.

In this case there’s survival at stake. Jobs. It’s scary being a journalist in 2019. Some of us have horrible things done to us beyond the simple loss of income.

Last night I had someone with mental health issues call me. It was tragic. They were falling between the cracks of the system and just wanted someone to listen. So I listened.

Tragically not enough people do anymore. One of the things that astounds me about the corruption in Cornwall isn’t that it exists, but that the “good” people are so afraid and cowardly they let it.

Today’s story shows why it’s so important that if you’re reading this piece right now you stop. Stop cold. And send an e interac donation to

Because the info I’m sharing with you right now is not something you’d read in any other area media outlet.

You see our local police don’t publish proper calls for service. And we journalists can’t do our jobs, especially if we’re willing to; without having the leads or info to chase.

I’d been talking to a few area business people who shared some scary break in stories; recent ones. So after some digging the Cornwall Police Service (did Aikman really change the force name because of the SEO control of CCPS by this newspaper? ) it was finally confirmed that in a city that most likely has less than 40,000 people, many of whom are seniors, that we had an astounding 225 break ins reported in for 2018!

There have been 125 Break and Enter calls for service to date in 2019. The CPS investigated 228 Break and Enter calls in 2018.

As for sudden deaths, there have been 9 calls for service since July 1st, 2019. There have been no homicides reported in 2019.

That’s getting into the 1 per day area. In 2019 to date we’ve already had 125. Yet if you read the Seaway News you won’t really hear about icky things like that.

You won’t also hear about the 9 SUDDEN DEATHS we’ve had from July 1st either. A sudden death can be anything from natural causes to suicide. It essentially doesn’t include Homicides.

The SD&G OPP furnished me their numbers. You have to keep in mind that while more rural there are over 50% more people in the sticks and that there are more opportunities for break ins.

From the OPP:

2018-01-01 – 2019-08-22 — break ins  – 241

2019-07/01 – 2019 -08-22 – sudden death – 8 – homicide -0-

The OPP locally however will give call break downs on occasion. The Cornwall Police Service refuses.

Surely the public, who pay for the service, deserve transparency and accountability for said service. We deserve to know what’s going on in our community and what issues need to be addressed or discussed, if for not other reason than to try and not become a statistic ourselves.

If you want CFN to keep delivering the real truth to you it’s time to click the buttons and send your e Interac donation today. Without resources you simply won’t have the information that we all need.

Right now we know that even with a heavy percentage of seniors in Cornwall we’ve had 353 break in calls for service in the city vs 241 in the same period of time in the counties who have over 50% more population.

And we’ve had 17 sudden deaths between the two without any real disclosure.

That’s scary.

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