Cornwall Mayor Clement Hugs Disgraced Educator John McMartin Who Was Charged w Child Sex Assault 111919

This council reflects our mayor perfectly. Sloppy, unthinking, feebly emotional, and all veneer with little to no substance, leadership, or remote understanding of her and their roles on council.

It just goes to show that if you sell your soul to Labour and agree to rubber stamp their demands you too can have a lovely career on the public teat.

For the second time in 2019 an utter creep was asked to sign the City’s Golden Book or get honoured.

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First there was Captain Landmine, Terry Birch, who is under fire for Stolen Valour charges. As slimy as Mr. Birch appears to be, it’s the Legion that copped out and tried to suggest that it’s not up to them to police their membership or executive and then very dishonorably refusing to invite CFN to their release on the issue as we break Stolen Valour crimes.

Now we have our mayor hugging John “Jack” McMartin while having him sign the Golden Book for his contributions to the community. Those contributions appear to include him being charged with sexual assault of minors.

Apparently during the Project Truth era good ol John, that beacon of integrity, celebrated his promotion to School Principal by picking up at least two young men on an evening cruise, sexually assaulting them, and then offering them money to go to a hotel.

Photo : social media

In fact there were multiple stories published, not in a newspaper in Cornwall ( I spent time at the Library sifting through the ol micro film of the Standard Freeholder) but in the Ottawa Citizen.

So why wasn’t this covered in Cornwall? Was it because the Presbyterian Church locally put pressure on the powers that be? I mean, at least two separate instances were reported and acted on by police. Did they and the Crown get pressured into letting this slide? Did the local media back in 1986? And how did this not enter the Project Truth investigation?

How utterly offensive is it that Judge Michael Fitzpatrick showed more concern for Mr. McMartin than the victims, or that Crown Don Johnson at the time, who would go on to defend convicted sex offender and former teacher Marcel Lalonde in his private practice, would agree to downgrade the charges to simple assault and a conditional sentence that would leave Mr. McMartin with no record.

Experts state that people don’t start certain behaviors randomly at certain ages. While this may simply have been the first time that Mr. McMartin was caught it certainly doesn’t mean he didn’t do such things before…or after, especially since he ended up with no record.

Shouldn’t any educator that is caught sexually attacking a minor face a higher standard of accountability?

He was fired by his school board, but not before being assigned to desk duties first. Reports don’t clarify if he was exposed to young people during that time or not?

So what is the problem at City Hall that we keep honoring such utterly contemptible people? Where is the due diligence before moving forward? Is it simply bad management? Bad Council? Both?

I mean is it like agreeing to kick $45K into a Naturopathic clinic thinking your helping healthcare without confirming that the person applying for the funding can actually sign the lien for the money and actually owns the building in question? (that’s for another story)

Clearly being mayor is a full time job. It’s not a part time job, but our mayor seems to think it is, and it seems taxpayers are paying the price for sloppy and incompetent practices such as hugging child sex attackers.

Will Marcel Lalonde get the key to the city next?

Should we erase Mr. McMartin’s name from the Golden Book? What do you think dear CFN viewers?

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  1. Well, I guess I will not get to sign the Golden Book given I could never meet the requirements. Sad, Sad days for the City of Cornwall.

    Take Care,

    Diane Shay

  2. (MODERATED) Jules you cannot use the terms you have been trying to use. Please wash your mouth out with soap and learn some manners, or stop trying to post.

    Honestly, how can you criticize people from Cornwall when you keep acting like one?

  3. {MODERATED} Jules you were warned about using terms like “Trudy” “Cornhole” etc. You’re old enough to know better.

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