Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford Snow, War Amps & Kenny Rogers in Cornwall 111919

On Nov. 11th we had a big snow fall. Luckily it held off until the Remembrance Day ceremonies were over. I had this vague memory of being there as a kid with my class from Central Public. I talked to some seniors and they were talking about the days when they used to go to the Cenotaph also with their class for the ceremonies and then go home for lunch and back to school in the afternoon. Must have been a lot of kids at the ceremonies.

We would have walked back to school and walked home in that snow fall…. and probably loved it. No busing for us. The big factor on that Monday and Tuesday was the wind which could have kept us indoors after school. Maybe!

I don’t remember how our parents would have known there wasn’t any school opened on a snowy day due to the weather. Maybe it was announced on the radio.

There was always lots of fun in the snow such as making a snowman, tobogganing behind St. Columban’s Church and even skating at the Water Street arena if the outdoor rinks were not ready yet. And of course if it was that bad and we had to stay indoors, heaven forbid, probably because of the strong wind gusts blowing around, then there was always Monopoly to play. In the words of the song, “Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.” A snow day and no school? Great!

Ah, those were the days.

Here is a lovely fall photo after a snowfall taken by my friend, the late Stu Thompson who was a well known local photographer. He and his wife had sent me the photo on a greeting card he had produced. Beautiful colours.

There is lots of advice out there about fall prevention. Most of us know the usual like keeping clutter out of the way, exercising to keep muscles in good shape, careful outside on snowy days where ice accumulates, etc., etc.

One day I was at my desk and had just filled a big box full of old magazines and papers I wanted to get rid of. I was sitting on my computer chair which had wheels. I reached up for a moment to get something on an above shelf and the chair flew backwards, and so did I. Luckily the box of papers broke my fall and except for a few pulled shoulder muscles I was ok.

Another time I tripped over the leg extension of my lazy boy chair which was not quite all pushed in. Luckily again, I fell on the couch nearby and escaped injury. A friend however, recently tripped over the extended legs of a hall clothes tree and broke both her feet. Happens so fast.

In an article issued recently by Seniors for Seniors which celebrated Seniors Month, is an article by Dr. Ryan Davey, Director of Research and Operations, Toronto Physiotherapy. According to the article he is a scientist with specialization in Regenerative Medicine and Biomedical Engineering as well as a founder and director of Toronto Physiotherapy. He apparently is active in medical diagnostics.

He mentions in his article some of these risk factors and others such as using aids in the bathroom, making sure your vision is checked and some medications which might cause dizziness or light-headedness. He also introduces two new ways to reduce the risk of falling: Core Strengthening and Cognitive Therapy. Very interesting article. Go to https://seniorsfor or Dr. Davey’s web site for more information about the article.

The War Amps is an incredible organization.

The web site states that the organization is committed to improving the quality of life for Canadian Amputees. Their programs include Child Amputees, Play Safe/ Drive Safe, War Amputees, Adult Amputees and Key Tag Service.

The Key Tag Service works well. I lost my keys some years ago and luckily I had the Key Tag on them. My keys were returned.

Go to call 416-412-0600 or 1-800-250-3030 for more information or how to make a donation.

There used to be little slot machines around town. You could put in your change and get some stamps. Another held newspapers. Gone now, maybe because some stores have Postal units in them like The Independent Grocer or Shopper’s Drug Mart and also sell newspapers as well. They were handy.

What a pack rat I am. I found this ticket stub in an old purse. I took my Mom to the Kenny Rogers concert at the Cornwall Civic Complex.

Date was Aug. 21, 1989. Seats cost $28.00. I remember how the audience loved his concert. My Mom thought he was the greatest. Wonderful concert.

I never know where I am going to find that cat of mine, Tiger, Big Big Baby! I looked all over for him. Nowhere!! I am afraid sometimes that he is in a closet because he sneaks in and might one day get stuck in there. Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I found him when I went right into the living room… on my lazy boy, all curled up sleeping. That is the first time he has ever done that. I said to him that it was my chair. He opened his eyes and gave me that “Buzz off, I was here first” look, put his paw over his eyes and curled up again and went to sleep. So much for Mommy!! And since then, he gets on it often and goes to sleep. These cats like their comfort. He has beds all over the house, even a box on the floor but now it is my chair. What a cat!!

Here are a few cute jokes from a friend:

1) Wife: I have a bag full of used clothing to donate.

Husband: Why not just throw it in the trash? Much easier.

Wife: But there are poor starving people who can really use these clothes.

Husband: Honey, anyone who fits into your clothing is not starving.

…Husband is now recovering from a head injury.

2) Ditcher, Quick and Hyde – Divorce Lawyers.

3) I’m watching a 3 year old pull up apps on a cell phone. Me, I just figured out how to turn mine off without taking the battery out.

4) Wife texts husband on a cold winter morning:” Windows are frozen, won’t open.” Husband texts back: “Gently pour some lukewarm water over it and then gently tap edges with a hammer. “Wife texts back in 10 minutes: “Computer is really messed up now.”

Have a good week, Dawn

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