Dr. Sheridan Reavely Diaz in Trouble in Cornwall Ontario Again – 112719

Dr. Sheridan (Sherry) Diaz is in trouble with the CPSO with some serious allegations.

From the CPSO website:

Allegations of Dr. Reavely-Diaz’s professional have been referred to the Discipline Committee of the College.

It is alleged that Dr. Reavely-Diaz is incompetent and/or failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession in her care of patients.

It is also alleged that Dr. Reavely-Diaz engaged in disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional conduct by failing to cooperate during the College’s investigation and failing to respond to the College in a timely way; in her recording keeping, including but not limited to, creating false and/or inaccurate medical records and/or inappropriately altering medical records; inappropriately billing and/or submitting inappropriate claims to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan; in her conduct and communications towards patients and/or their families and/or caregivers and third parties; failing to provide and/or follow up on test results; failing to attend for scheduled appointments; inappropriately ending a physician-patient relationship with a patient; allowing a patient access to another patient’s personal health information; and failing to appropriately deal with this privacy breach.

Transfer of class of certificate to: Restricted certificateEffective: 13 Nov 2019
Terms and conditions imposed on certificate by Inquiries, Complaints and RepoEffective: 13 Nov 2019
Terms and conditions amended by Inquiries, Complaints and RepoEffective: 20 Nov 2019

CFN called the clinic today after several patients said that the Doctor had disappeared! We were refused info other than to call back tomorrow.

Serious allegations were also made by one of her patients to us today.

“Every day for the past six years they insisted on delivering my meds every day for my own good which is non sense cause I don’t get anything special and she gives me literally like 20 pills I take 4 and for whatever reason she won’t cancel them after release yes request by me that she stop doing it and then it all clicked”

They get to charge a dispensing fee per prescription so for 20 pills daily they get to charge 20 different times per day and that’s the same for XXXXX and then I spoke to a friend of mine who is a doctor and guess what he confirmed that this is something they’ve been doing for a long time now “

We will be updating the story when more info becomes available.

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  1. Im not surprised shes very unprofessional and had me crying on the second visit because of rude thing she said..also didn’t give my son proper care or diagnosis of the illness he had. She also claimed at one point he had never seen my son before but he had been her patient for years before.

  2. My wife and I saw her a few years ago. What a waste of our time. Full of self-importance. Glad she’s out of the profession.

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