MPP Amanda Simard Throws Hissy Fit – Walks Over to Join Liberals After Francophone Gig Snub. By Jamie Gilcig 011620

Bratty Conservative MPP Amanda Simard, who caused a huge storm against Premier Doug Ford, has walked the floor.

Ironically the decision comes after another of those wacky corrupt Burke women was given a plum gig that it appears Ms Simard was expecting to get.

I mean, it must feel bad, losing out to someone from the Cornwall area as Kelly Burke (Sister of Jennifer Burke?) landed the new French Language Services Commissioner working in the Ombudsman’s offices.

Ms Simard posted the following on her facebook page recently:

Est-ce qu’il y a de mes ami(e)s intéressé(e)s à participer comme délégué(e) au congrès pour choisir le/la prochain(e) chef du Parti libéral de l’Ontario? (le 7 mars à Toronto) Envoyez-moi un message! J’ai reçu les détails.
Considérant qu’on parle de potentiellement le/la prochaine personne en charge de notre province, important de s’impliquer et d’en parler! #onpoli

She posted this gem as well:

On n’est toujours pas dans une situation où on a un commissaire indépendant et c’est ce qu’on veut, on veut rétablir le bureau tel quel.
Quand allons-nous ravoir notre Commissaire indépendant?

Ms Simard apparently only represents francophones on her facebook page…

Le gouvernement continue de dire que le poste de Commissaire est indépendant. Le Commissaire est toujours sous l’égide de l’Ombudsman. Même un adolescent de 15 ans sait que tant et aussi longtemps qu’il demeure sous le toit de ses parents, il n’est pas indépendant.
Quand allons-nous ravoir notre Commissaire indépendant? #onfr

She was quoted as saying:

“This is the party that truly respects and understands the people of my riding, my community, and our province. This is the party of the future,”

“I want to be part of the renewal process as the party rebuilds, modernizes and prepares for the years and generations to come. We’re building a party that will offer the people of Ontario a clear alternative to this government at the next election.”

It should be interesting to see how the voters of Prescott Russell react next election. Ms Simard earned their trust as a Conservative after popular Liberal MPP Grant Crack stepped down.


  1. Definitely an opportunist who thinks it’s all about her. She should get a frequent flyer card as she changes political stripes very often.

  2. Quit and run for were not voted in as a Liberal but as a Conservative..This crossing the floor business has to be stopped…Let the peolple decide if you can cross the floor, not you

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