Struggling Standard Freeholder Lose Best Reporter, Alan Hale, to Kingston 012820

Alan Hale put his time here in Cornwall and is getting a bump up to Kingston.

CFN wishes him the best. It’s good to see a hard working journalist get rewarded for their work.

Behind the buzz, was that after the National Post fiasco that saw Editor Hugo Rodrigues publish an email to Mr. Hale as a Letter to the Editor from a Nat Post writer, that there was a desire for change by Mr. Hale who was rewarded with the step up.

The Freeholder recently added Le Journal retread Francis Racine to their staff. The buzz was that Hugo tried to steal Seaway News editor Nick Seebruch, but was rebuked.

The city has been throwing more support to the Seaway News of late with multiple staff now appearing regularly on its pages. Some are suggesting that essentially has become a PR outlet out of fear of losing city financial support. The city refuses to divulge how much cash they kick out to local media.

Update: Alan sent us in a comment for publication which arrived after we published. Here it is unedited.

” I have loved my time at the Standard-Freeholder and in Cornwall, but this is the next logical step for my career.  I feel that I have done some of the best work of my career here thanks to the excellent guidance of my editor, Hugo Rodrigues. I will always think back on my time in Cornwall fondly, this is truly an underappreciated gem of a city. With some more time and effort, I am certain that it will eventually be recognized more widely as the beautiful and up-and-coming community that it is.  “

Editor’s Note: Hugo Rodrigues, Managing Editor of the Freeholder and former President of the Canadian Association of Journalists, sent in multiple emails complaining and disputing the “Buzz” and “Chatter” reported on in this story. He did not provide a statement for publication.

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