Hockey Crunch – Stick a Fork in the Habs for 2020 – Time to Trade Price & Others. By Jamie Gilcig JAN 28, 2020

Right now Hab fans have to be wondering about owner Geoff Molson? Either he’s calling the shots and Bergy is a puppet, or he’s simply letting a really really really bad GM ruin a legendary franchise.

No playoffs and bad blood equal less cash. It makes no sense for this well heeled franchise to keep missing the play offs.

Check List

Management, scouts, etc, don’t count against the cap. Montreal should have the best of the best regardless of language. I’m not saying language doesn’t count, but the language of Winning trumps all else. It’s that simple.

Forget about Free Agents. How many players have been burned by the Bergevin/Molson regime? Do you think agents and players look at how Karl Alzner, and others have been treated and want to sign up?

For freaking sake Russians love Montreal. There’s some weird connection like how Russians love things French from France. Hab fans appreciate Russians and Russians love living in Montreal.

Why on earth aren’t we building on that? What are we doing with inept Finns littering our roster. Saku Saku Saku. Great guy; what did we win with Saku? Nada, nothing. Go Red or be Dead Habland!

Bergy talked about character. Two 8 game losing streaks? Honestly? The back to back Florida losses were the end of the season. Coming out of the All Star break with a thud simply says “Sooo weee! Come and get it to the rest of the NHL teams that actually are competing for the play offs and Lord Stanley’s cup.

Don’t wait. Right now there are more buyers than there will be as we get closer to the deadline.

Kovalchuk. Great player. Send him to Edmonton and come back with Mr. Eyechart who doesn’t want to be an Oiler. Stick him on a line with KK and one of our other Finns and let’s rock n roll. If Kovy wants to come back in the off season, awesome, but right now he can get the team an asset or 2rd round DP or better because of his teeny tiny cap hit.

Price. His value will never be higher. While the numbers don’t truly support it; considering how bad this team is, he’s had a pretty good year.

Pittsburgh, Vancouver, Edmonton, and a few others would grab Price, especially if the Habs eat some of his salary which they will have to do to get value in the deal. Carey has to go. This writer has a hunch Carey wants to go.

Weber. See above; just add more teams and having to not carry or carry less of his salary. Weber should go soon.

Keep Petry if he still wants to stay in Montreal. Yes, he has a lot of value right now, but how many players actually want to play in Quebec? Petry stepped up and signed with the team. He’s at an age that he can still be around to see a proper rebuild. He’s also an awesome D man when he plays under 30 minutes a night.

And that’s what this team needs, a full rebuild as it has no true core players.

Max Domi. Gone. Max out a return for Domi. Good players get players in return; although the Habs only had to give up Galchenyuk to get him.

Stop playing rookie centers on the freaking wing! You kick out a 1st round pick for a center and then play him on wing? That’s nuts! That’s punting on 2nd down.

If you can’t play the kid with the Habs at Centre put him in Laval so he can get prime minutes in key situations in his position. It’s one thing to be a versatile journeyman or 3rd liner, but if you spend a 1st on a Centre when you need a pivot; let them develop.

This year is done. It’s time to play hard for the lottery pick and put the roster in place to do so.

Bergy’s worst ever season was last year when he got the team finished in the worst possible position.

It takes 5 years to build a true contender. You need to add one core player each year and then fill out your roster. Right now Montreal does not have a core. It does not have stars waiting on the farm with the possible exception of Mr. Primeau.

In a cap league you have to maximize your assets and cap trajectory curve. Under Molson/Bergevin this has not been happening. And while the draft is where to build, you have to develop what you draft to max value.

As written in this space before; the team needs a President like say…..Serge Savard. It needs a strong GM. And it needs a coach ready to build a future. Claude’s awesome; but other teams have had more adversity this year than the Habs and overcome it. IE Pittsburgh and Columbus for starters.

It’s not rocket science and the hockey fans and City of Montreal deserve better. Much better.

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