Fire Strikes Again in le Village in Cornwall – Fire Chief Complains About Fire Alarms 020420

An early morning blaze (4 Feb 2019) engulfed apartments at the structure known as 802 and 802A Montreal Road.

The structure with at least 4 apartments, suffered extensive fire, water, and smoke damage.

The building appears to have been evacuated successfully however it is reported than an occupant of the building sustained minor injury after fleeing the fire through a second story window onto the roof of a cube van parked next to the building, then onto the ground.

Our non Cornwall residing fire chief issued a city release. The Fire Service does not normally give out data, stats, or call counts for fires in Cornwall.

Fire Chief calls on residents to check their smoke alarm following early morning fire

At 4 a.m. on Tuesday, February 2, Cornwall Fire Services responded to an active fire on Montreal Road, which was quickly upgraded to a second alarm.

Firefighters responded and quickly contained the fire, which affected one multi-unit building. Firefighters and worked in collaboration with Cornwall Police Service and Cornwall SDG Paramedic Services. Injuries to residents appear to be a direct result of a missing or malfunctioning smoke alarm.

“Unfortunately, people were hurt today,” said Fire Chief Pierre Voisine. “We would like to take this opportunity to remind Cornwall residents of the importance of smoke alarms.”

Install smoke alarms on every level of the home and outside sleeping areas – it’s the law.”

Sounds like he may have had to drive in from Rockland to attend…..


  1. “Smoke alarms on every level of the home and outside sleeping areas – it’s the law”…now is that just for residents or for the building owner/landlord? Like, who’s getting the ticket here.

    If only smoke alarms were cheaper than satellite dishes… oh wait.

  2. Author

    How about mandatory fire insurance as well?

  3. How sad, terrible and terrifying for the people who lived there. Doesn’t the owner of the building have to ensure that smoke detectors are installed and maintained?

  4. Do they do house to house checks for alarms and functionality like back in Greenfield Park QC? Well they used too

  5. {MODERATED} Jules every time you try to submit a rude comment (You know, when you type Trudy or Cornwall) you get an extra day suspension. Knock yourself out and enjoy.

  6. Grumpy….yes they still do house checks for smoke and Co2 detectors in Cornwall. Our placw was last checked about 2 years ago.

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