Gay Agenda Pushing Hard in Cornwall & SD&G – Complaints About Drag Story Time. By Jamie Gilcig

We all want to live in a diverse world and support everyone to be the best person they can possibly be. I know I do. Lord knows I love a good drag show too. Drag Queens, as highlighted in movies like Priscilla and Too Wong Foo helped mainstream what was once a slice of Burlesque.

But here in Cornwall we’re now seeing gay Conservatives such as MP Eric Duncan. (Good on Eric finally coming out of the closet) We have our alleged and closeted Mayor Bernadette Clement, and even Lyle Warden was reelected in the counties after coming out of the closet.

We have our alleged future police chief Shawna Spowart who has been strongly out of the closet even though the Cornwall Police Service is way under the averages for gender and visible minorities.

Over half the news editors in Cornwall are gay and several key local government agency leaders are as well.

Pink politics are going full steam. And while that’s not a bad thing. However people are people and corruption is corruption.

For example, is the city of Cornwall giving extra love, and cash, to Diversity Cornwall and pushing for Ms Spowart to be chief (the buzz is the deal has already been done, and Shawna is supposed to replace Danny Aikman before the end of this term.) because of Mayor Clement’s hidden agenda? (This writer doesn’t feel Ms Spowart should become Chief because of her silence and role in local police corruption)

Some have questioned Ottawa Mayor Watson for pushing a gay agenda from the closet. He recently stepped forward, but do voters need to understand where people are coming from when they are spending public tax dollars?

And are these agendas being played out in a conspiratorial manner? Are people being attacked who fall foul of Pink Politics in the area?

One of the latest issues to upset many here in our area and elsewhere is Drag Story Time. This is a scary paradigm. I know as a kid we had a Montreal Expo chat with us. Everyone wanted to become a baseball player after.

Drag Story Time pitches gay themed content to young children. It’s essentially pitching a clear agenda; one that not everyone in the community supports. We are not seeing for example, Steve Forrest who’s a great person, but essentially a middle aged person by day come out and talk to kids. We see his alter ego Lulu come out, usually in quite the costume which of course has a different result with the kids.

Kids respond to costumes. So do adults. When I went to the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory in Stowe Vermont we were given our free samples while hearing their political wonderfulness. It was a positive reinforcement, or more cynically, a light form of brain washing.

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It’s hard enough and confusing enough to be a kid. Being one in 2020 clearly has new and different challenges.

The question is should we allow any agenda to be pushed on our kids in schools and libraries?

For example, if we had Pastor Tom Newton dress up as a biblical character and want to push bible stories at kids I have a hunch many that support Drag Story Time would be protesting with signs in front of the library.

And yes, this writer expects the usual backlash that the hard core left and gay agenda folks can spew.

In 2020 there’s a huge debate about letting kids change their gender before the age of consent. IE, allowing young boys with parental permission to be chemically castrated and put on hormones to transition to trans women.

We need to let kids be kids. We need to expose them to all sorts of things that our world and life is, but honestly, we really need kids to be kids and that means having some limits of what we put in front of them and how.

Which is near impossible with exposure to the internet and strange ideas that some are pushing because they want a world that fits their agendas.

Are we all too busy to miss that?

Is Drag Story Time just an innocent positive activity or a clear agenda to plant ways of thinking in young people?

I know what I think, but what do you?

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  1. The Drag Story time is awesome. I am in the Pink Entertainment. It’s the parents that brought the Kids. They made a good choice ! Yes, Kids do have it rough. Great start in showing your kids that some things are normal. Wow, People coming out and living the life they should have. It’s a good step in a healthier society direction. Some Religions teach love, acceptance for all. Inclusive Society.

  2. Garbage article from a garbage blogger. Get a real job and quit spreading hatred and homophobia.

  3. just when I thought there was no common sense left in Trudeau’s kingdom, I find this breath of fresh air! Good for you Jamie!

  4. Author

    Editor’s Note. We allowed the comment to go through to show the type of hate that certain elements of the LGBTQ community exhibit towards anyone that simply doesn’t agree or embrace their agenda. It certainly, and thankfully is not the majority of the LGBTQ community, but it’s far too many.

  5. Sexual orientation, gender identification, fluidity… are of little import, unless maybe one allows oneself to be wholly defined by these; then it just seems unhealthy.
    But if one insists on camping it up, please drop the tacky half-assed outfits — it only suggests that the character is delusional or their perception of self is askew — put a little effort and “pride” into that getup… or go.

  6. Was this a Cornwall Public Library sanctioned event, or appearing as such?
    Was the event solely informational or also promotional, in any way, shape, or form?
    Was it previewed for content?
    Were non-guardian adults presenting this children’s activity vetted or have a Vulnerable Sector Check (customary for such persons)?
    “Duty of Care” — regardless of political correctness or incorrectness.

  7. Author

    I think we can guess the answer to many of those questions sadly. And trying to protect kids should never lead to someone being accused of being homophobic and abused online. Great reflection of that slice of demographic.

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