Fat Shaming, Hate, & Bullying in Cornwall Ontario, Akwesasne, & SD&G

When you’re fat, short, or simply different it comes with the burden of those who were brought up by bushpigs and have no manners and will take their pound of flesh from you.

The strong learn to deal with it. Sadly others don’t. We have many ‘isms.

Whether it be race, gender, religion, or simply how you look hate is hate and as we can see social media has become the school yard where it festers and grows like a hate filled cancer. Oddly enough many on this list are people that have cried foul regarding their own isms.

So I’m going to publish the list of all those that clicked LIKE or Laughed at this so that they can be fully exposed. I mean, would you want to hire someone filled with hate and prejudice? Would you want to date them or let them near your kids? Support their business or service if they have them?

Or even trust them?

Here is the list of special people that had a laugh this morning.

Of course, with the size of this newspapers audience the laugh just might be on them….


The gutless bullies took down their story on their facebook page. If facebook was serious about fighting bullying and ‘isms that entire page would come down. Thank you for everyone’s support who messaged.


  1. Looks like the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” schoolyard chant went right over their adipose tissue filled heads.

  2. Thanks for this article. Having been obese since grade 8 I’ve had to deal with it a lot. It never gets easy to deal with or easier as time goes by. I hope bullying and all the other things you mentioned go away. But it’s a hard road and it will take a lot of work to be successful.

  3. Author

    I think the more people stand up to bullying of all sorts the better society will be. People can stick their pink shirts where they do their thinking. Fighting bullying is a culture that needs to be cultivated and supported every day.

    Right now I and CFN are being bullied by the city and the cliques monkeys. Because of the city initiating, at our tax expense, attacks like this on a local business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=jGAFfPQG5fw&fbclid=IwAR1TxkSowwNVORL0xR5jppGdoz0KYZXiK-aJpdWQimrhZE93n7OV76YomoM

    City lawyers trying to state that a newspaper, the city itself advertised with great success, by their own admission, try to slur CFN as calling us a blog and telling our clients not to advertise with us.

    This is a city that defends people that falsely state that I write fake news when for over 11 years and 14,000 stories I’ve never once had to deal with any such issue which is more than some “print” papers can say locally.

    It’s not the thugs and bullies that are the problem. It’s the enablers and the special people that contributed for example, to Randy Sauve’s Defense fund instead of making donations to CFN.

    If you don’t stand for truth and what’s right then you don’t stand for anything decent people really care about, and just maybe, that’s why people think so badly of Cornwall that we end up with Coronavirus patients here instead of in a secure military facility.

    End of very mild rant 🙂

  4. This whole town is racist and prejudice there are alot more posts than that to be exposed yet nobody does anything about it.

  5. I’m sorry that this has happened to you, it’s not fair. But publicly shaming others is also bullying.
    I am and always have been overweight and been bullied for it. I know some of the people listed, one particularly; Ashley Marie Carrier who always stuck up for me when I was bullied about my weight, she helped me feel accepted.

    So please don’t judge people you don’t know based on 1 internet post

  6. Author

    Ash I didn’t judge. I exposed. I don’t participate in that group because of what it became. Someone decided to post that and a bunch of people thought it was funny.

    Most didn’t even realize what they were doing, but mostly they were enabling a bully. So what I did was simply post the list of people that enabled the bully. And then what did many in this group do?

    Did some stop and think and realize what they did? Did any show remorse or apologize? Nope, they went and started an ugly rampage which will be part two of this story and posted today.

  7. I’m sorry that happened to you. Some people are selfish holy than thou type of people who if this ever happened to them, they would be the first to complain. Honestly, I feel bad for them to have to live a life where all they understand is hate and not knowing the greatness of kindness.

  8. {Moderated} Sue Knight no need to spew your evil here. I haven’t seen such hate such as you type in my entire life. I suggest you seek medical attention if you are not already in care.

  9. It would be of an asset if overweight people would decide to not over eat, go to a gym and if that is not possible walk daily, morning or evening, the pounds will come off. I know I have done this.

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