Fat Shaming, Hate, & Bullying in Cornwall Ontario, Akwesasne, & SD&G

Fat Shaming, Hate, & Bullying in Cornwall Ontario, Akwesasne, & SD&G

When you’re fat, short, or simply different it comes with the burden of those who were brought up by bushpigs and have no manners and will take their pound of flesh from you.

The strong learn to deal with it. Sadly others don’t. We have many ‘isms.

Whether it be race, gender, religion, or simply how you look hate is hate and as we can see social media has become the school yard where it festers and grows like a hate filled cancer. Oddly enough many on this list are people that have cried foul regarding their own isms.

So I’m going to publish the list of all those that clicked LIKE or Laughed at this so that they can be fully exposed. I mean, would you want to hire someone filled with hate and prejudice? Would you want to date them or let them near your kids? Support their business or service if they have them?

Or even trust them?

Here is the list of special people that had a laugh this morning.

Of course, with the size of this newspapers audience the laugh just might be on them….


The gutless bullies took down their story on their facebook page. If facebook was serious about fighting bullying and ‘isms that entire page would come down. Thank you for everyone’s support who messaged.

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