Cornwall Police Repudiate Allegation of NAVCANADA Princess Diamond Runner. By Jamie Gilcig 022920

One of the hardest things is to cover a story like the Covid 19 Coronavirus.

At stake is public safety and health which is why one would have to ask why NAVCANADA, the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, and Mayor Clement & the City of Cornwall Ontario are refusing to answer any questions from this newspaper.

Because when we get tips or information like this come in we have to chase the facts as best as we can. We have to inform the public and hopefully protect our community.

” Just talking with a guy who has family working at navcan. Said they already had a guy run,. Jumped the fence and security refused to give chase. Police were called and caught the guy. .

Now this is scary for a number of reasons.

First off no patients/passengers should have been sent to Navcanada in Cornwall. Sources have told CFN it’s costing more than $800 per person daily to house them there. (we’d like to confirm this, but again, NAV is refusing to answer any questions from CFN)

They should have been at Trenton where the other Canadians in Quarantine were sent or one of our other amazing 26 other Military bases in Canada.

But if they were going to come to Cornwall; which clearly the public was not interested, in why private security instead of trained military?

Why Red Cross volunteers (bless them) instead of full medical staff from the military or government trained in this sort of pandemic?

We were shocked to get a response from the Cornwall police as they too have been refusing to answer basic questions of late; but we got a weak response back denying the incident as such. It was stated that a passenger had to be warned away from the fenced area and had never crossed the barrier.

But this week it was announced that officers were now getting N95 masks and suggested they remove facial hair.

Now I would never suggest that the police didn’t give me accurate information in response to these allegations, at least without bullet proof evidence, but surely if some incident did happen the officers would then have to be placed in Quarantine?

IF that did not happen then they possibly could be spreading the virus.

When reading all the info releases by the government and city when the passengers arrived words like assessed were used, or looked for signs of illness, but we knew before and certainly now that patients can be contagious without showing signs of illness.

And while it’s stated that the section of NAVCANADA in Cornwall being used has separate ventilation from the main facility no statement has been made about it having separate plumbing and we know from the SARS outbreak that this could be a way of spread.

Hopefully none of the souls at NAVCANADA have the Coronavirus, but we still to this date not know if every single person that arrived had been tested, not assessed or monitored, but had the actual test for Covid 19 before arriving or even if they have been since in Cornwall.

We did just see media reports that six were tested and luckily passed, but if we’ve learned anything from the Princess Diamond episode it’s that you can never be too careful and best practices should always be used.

Covid 19 is a slippery virus with explosive Contagious possibilities. The politics need to be removed from the process. If a single person is infected at NAVCANADA in Cornwall then Mayor Clement, Paul Roumeliotis and the board at the EOHU, the person in charge of this on NAVCANADA’s end, and Police Chief Danny Aikman need to resign or be prosecuted for their roles in not providing enough information, or even worse, with holding information from the media and community, and putting public safety at risk.

So far we have seen the same play book rolled out as the Chem Tanks which also involved the Federal Government in Cornwall. A surprised Mayor and MP claim to have been blind sided and then go on to stay with the “company line” except in this situation the welfare of this community is at stake.

If you have information you can reach us at All communication is confidential.


  1. WOW!! Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  2. I am comfortable with persons being quarantined at Navcan, it’s a controlled environment. I’m less comfortable with tens of thousands of untested Chinese students running around our country. Funny nobody’s talking about that.

  3. As the epidemic rose in China, persons coming from there might have been better assessed, but “that ship has sailed”, and it’s now a stuation of anyone from anywhere.

    “Chinese” is a term that indicates nationality, not a place of residence. Many Chinese are citizens of Canada and/or resident in Canada; some have never been closer to china than Rob McIntosh’s.

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