I’ve been working on this for nearly two weeks as more info and developments keep occurring.

As many who have been following this pandemic know it’s evolving and spreading with confirmed cases as close as Montreal.

The biggest hurdle for public safety is that people don’t have to be exhibiting symptoms to be contagious.

So far the disease isn’t airborne unless you get caught in an infected persons discharge; of course the same could be the same if they have a cold or the flu.

With the world wide push to buy masks people don’t seem to realize that gloves are far more important because every surface you can touch could be infected; from currency to counters. We don’t have a set confirmed amount of time of how long the virus can survive on surfaces.

Gloves can still be found readily enough in stores. It’s a good idea to stock up on some and even painters plastic booties.

Likewise, we’re using a 14 day quarantine but many experts are stating that it should be 24 days.

The good thing about this pandemic is that it has many thinking about how we conduct our health regimes as well.

Far more people get sick and die every year right here in Canada from the flu. Many of those illnesses and deaths could simply be avoided, and it might be time for governments to decide on some support, especially for lower wage service workers, many of whom do not get sick days.

There should be some sort of income support for those that are sick and need to be home from work.

Desperation could lead to contamination.

I was getting a coffee recently and wished the worker well and to take care.

She joked that she was already sick as she passed me my large decaf, and she wasn’t wearing gloves and tried to stifle a cough.

While I get that people like her can’t afford days off, can we possibly afford the costs to our healthcare system when she spreads her illness?

But right now our main concern is the COVID 19 Coronavirus and because of its nature, the very real possibility of Self or imposed Quarantine.

So far it’s not looking like a matter of “If”, but simply when. Yet far too few people around here have not done any basic prepping.

We’re not talking zombie apocalypse end of the world. Just the basics that should always be on hand in our homes with a little bit of extra care specifically geared to this situation.

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The Checklist

  1. Meds: Make sure you go to your pharmacy and fill out all of the meds you need for as long as you’re allowed. You don’t want to be sick and need to scramble.
  2. Pets: Same thing if your pet is on meds and of course make sure you have 2-4 weeks of food ready on hand.
  3. Cleaning supplies. If your community is hit by a wave of Coronovirus it’s good to have cleaning supplies ready and on hand. We’ve already seen media reports of runs on hand sanitizer. Extra bleach, white vinegar and spray bottles as well as cleaning gloves and brushes.
  4. Booze & Weed. Let’s face it; many love their recreational supplies and you don’t want to have to go scrambling in a crisis. Top up your supplies.
  5. Gas in the car. Keep your tank full just in case.
  6. Water should be running without issue, but it’s never bad to have some extra bottles or jugs on hand.
  7. Food : 2-4 weeks worth of supplies. You don’t want to just live off of canned beans and rice. Yes, get the dry staples and canned staples, but also get foods that are fresh that will last a week or so or can be frozen. Make sure you are ready to roll with supplements as well.
  8. Clothing is important. In a wave you will be changing clothes more often and it’s good to have a few extras ready; especially of bedding and towels

Face Masks

We’re seeing conflicting reports. We see some saying that we shouldn’t get some because of shortages and they being needed for health care workers and the sick.

Then we see some reports saying that they are ineffective.

The bottom line is that anything a person can do to protect themselves isn’t a bad thing. Even a scarf around your face may give you a minimum amount of protection if your area goes hot.

N95 is the medical standard. You can go up to N100, but as you go higher it’s harder to breathe. We’ve seen prices for even simple dust masks quadruple on Ebay as some are gouging now.

Locally it’s near impossible to find any face masks or respirators. One major retailer told me they’ve been sold out since January.

Sadly most are made in China! It’s real grist for further stories about how weak we truly are here in Canada when we can’t produce our basic safety and medicinal needs.

I started buying them early and have been sharing with my finds with friends and family.

Hygiene: Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands, and then after you wash your hands you can safely wash your face, but remember to wash your hands after washing your face in case there were any buggies on your skin.

I know. Crazy, but good old soap and water are important to your safety. And all it takes is your time.

Contacts. It’s important to stay in contact with each other and make sure we know who can possibly help us and care for us if we get sick. That’s a bigger question than you think as it means people possibly exposing themselves if we catch COVID 19.

While the severity impacts those over 60, especially if they have other illnesses there are many of us in this aging society facing that. It’s important to check up on our older friends, make sure they have their 14 day kits, and make sure they’re ok.

Washing fruits and vegetables will be important if your area goes hot as people poke and touch them in the stores. Likewise, in the SARS scare it was suggested that contamination spread through water pipes. Washing fruits in veggies in a mix of white vinegar and water will help decontaminate them of any possible contagions.

News sources. There are some that are not reporting accurately. There are some that are just regurgitating what they are told to report. It’s important to do your own research and “Filter” the news so that you’re best prepared.

We are seeing a wider spread of this virus around the world now. What we’re seeing is where people are densely packed the risk of contamination goes up.

This means that we should try and avoid masses of people and crowds. That’s hard on religious practice and entertainment. It’s a choice that many will have to make at some point, but people have to remember that if they go into a crowd they can very well bring it back into their homes and infect their families without realizing it. You don’t have to show symptoms to be contagious.

Special note of thanks to our amazing viewers who contributed their support for making this piece and our other Coronavirus content here on CFN and our main Facebook page possible. Without their generous e interac donations to info@cornwallfreenews.com we could not bring you the info you clearly want. Please donate NOW, today, don’t wait!

The bottom line is all we can do, no matter where we are, is give ourselves the best chance of surviving this Pandemic as best as we can. We are now more aware.

Take care, and stay well!

For flu shots, supplies, and a great local pharmacist in Cornwall Ontario drop by or call Robyn Guindon at Wholehealth Pharmacy in Cornwall. 106 Second Street West (Times Square) or dial 613 938 0606.

You can also find them on facebook. LINK


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