BREAKING: Cornwall Woman States She’s in Quarantine at CCH for Possible COVID 19 Coronavirus 031220

We all knew it was a matter of when. Minutes ago information came to CFN that a woman had posted on social media that she was in Quarantine at the Cornwall Community Hospital for a possible case of the COVID 19 Coronavirus.

We were able to reach her in her hospital room where she stated that she had come in for an entirely other issue; had coughed and then asked if she’d been travelling which she stated she had.

At that point she was quarantined according to the video she sent us.

She was not directly complaining about any Coronavirus symptoms and it sounds like alert staff at the Hospital were on the ball and being careful.

And in 2020 it’s always better to be careful than to be wrong.

We will update as more info becomes available and we hope that she tests clear and her other issues get resolved by the staff at CCH.

Feature photo is from the patient from her hospital room.

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The patient messaged us from CCH stating that she is out of quarantine now and no longer being asked to wear a mask. She’s now being treated for the condition she attended the hospital for.


  1. Are thet going to quarantine anyone she was in contact with & disinfect area she was been in public

  2. Author

    Melanie I think she would actually have to have the virus to be able to even ask that question. It sounds like hospital staff are being really careful and that’s a great thing. Hopefully she doesn’t have the virus.

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