Dear Justin Trudeau – Today Wasn’t Enough – You Need to Embrace this Idea to Help All Canadians. By Jamie Gilcig 031220 #cdnpoli

Covid 19, Coronavirus, Sars2, whatever we’re calling this devastating illness that may kill as many as 6% of us, especially those of us over 50, overweight, with high blood pressure and other health issues is now the World’s main focus.

We’ve seen some major gaffes on the part of the Canadian government, and other governments around the world who delayed in taking visible aggressive action.

Our health care here in Canada is already strained. We do not have spare medical staff if the numbers bulk up quickly as we’re seeing in Italy for example, and this will lead to more deaths than they should.

This is creating a lot of stress in the markets, but it’s a lot of stress on just about everyone on a day to day level.

Today Justin, you announced some initiatives. Pennies in the bucket really, but at least it’s something, but none of what you announced helps us day to day people worrying about our survival or that of our families.

So I present this concept to you. It’s going to cost some real cash as what you’ve proposed, a cool billion dollars, isn’t enough, but it’s actually something that would impact each and every Canadian and help sustain our economy across the country during this unstable time.

Your government, needs to announce, a $25,000.00 loan to any Canadian that asks for it regardless of status or income.

With interest rates as low as they are the government of Canada has access to credit that some Canadians simply do not, especially those who are most at risk to this virus and those most needed to keep the wheels rolling in our economy.

Service staff, health care providers, drivers, cleaners, and so many other Canadians that will be put to incredible stresses as this Global Pandemic rolls out.

Do we really want to be putting added weight on them because of financial worries? Do we want people who need to be quarantined to risk their and others health simply because they can’t afford to?

It’s time for you and your government to step up as you’ve failed so far regarding this Pandemic; simply mimicking the actions of the US isn’t enough for Canadians.

Will you step up and invest in the fiscal and social safety of Canadians Justin?

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