Weak Clement Council Will Lead to Deaths in Cornwall From the COVID 19 Coronavirus. Editorial by Jamie Gilcig 031320 #CWLPOLI

Mamma Mia where is our mayor and her social media post writer? Flipper Clement makes a lot of noise, but she has failed this community during this crisis.

First there was the NAVCANADA fiasco, and then her perpetual petty unprofessional attack on CFN viewers by refusing to issue information to all media outlets which is also spread to the EOHU on whose board she sits.

Now we see pools, libraries, social gatherings and meetings being closed across the board as communities are finally catching up to the Covid 19 Coronavirus Pandemic, but Cornwall is mum.

In fact the city just emailed out yesterday info for March Break activities that would cluster people together.

So far the numbers are showing about a 7% mortality rate for this virus but those numbers are mostly for seniors and people with health issues. Extrapolating the latest information, in a town of 40% people with a high rate of the vulnerable that could be between 1500 and 4000 deaths. The line between the current impotency and ignorance of Mayor Clement and a more productive positive mayor could lead to the higher number rather than the lower one.

Cornwall of course is a community with a high percentage of Seniors and people with health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and other morbidities.

Sometimes it’s not how much you say or how saccharine sweetly you say it, false empathy maybe treacle for some, but it’s nothing much but hot air. What you actually do counts, and in this case our Mayor has failed and failed big time.

Doctors are saying we will be seeing peak calamity in June/July in our neck of the woods.

The single thing we can all do, especially our leadership, is take whatever actions we can to prevent that wave from drowning us in illness and death.

And that is why this mayor, her council, and Sunshine list management have failed Cornwall.

It’s time to put people first, and especially those that are most vulnerable, first and pull together as a community because if we don’t more lives will be lost than should be.


  1. On one hand people are panic buying toilet paper, and on the other they’re still handling the “community” tongs that everyone shares to pick their buns and bagels from the “community” bin.
    C’mon grocery store owners and managers, don’t wait to be told… get rid of the self serve foods at Farm Boy, Baxtroms, Bulk Barn, any of these places and more… Where is the Eastern Ontario Health Unit??!!?

  2. Ladies and Germs,

    Medical Officer of Health – Eastern Ontario Health Unit
    2018 – Salary: $333,953 Benefits: $2,205.20


  3. Author

    I think he’s had a raise since then….

  4. Ridiculous! One would think that a Mayor would have priorities straight!!

  5. Have tried to get info on when and where .and who will receive Covid medicine.
    NO INFO FROM ANYBODY..Does Cornwall at least have any Covid medicine to
    distribute and how does one get this info…

  6. Author

    Sadly the EOHU refuses to give out any Covid or health info to this newspaper or even answer emails or questions.

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