Riley’s Bakery in Cornwall Closes Due to COVID 19 Coronavirus 031620

Local institution and if Cornwall Ontario has a heart, Riley’s Bakery has shut down due to the COVID 19 Coronavirus. From their facebook page:

“Riley’s Bakery will be closed today and until further notice, in response to covid-19, we feel in good conscience this is the right thing to do. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but for the safety of all of us, we must do our part. We spent much of the week-end following updates on the corona virus, as things change hour to hour, we realize now is the time to react.Please stay safe and let us beat this thing…….Ana and Rob…..Riley’s Bakery “

While the province is still allowing take out, Rob and Ana have decided to take this break. CFN wishes them good health and hopefully they’ll be open again soon!

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