Does Cornwall Mayor Bernadette Have COVID 19? Dry Coughing Council Meeting Moves to Have Electronic Meetings & Cancels Next Session 031620

In a sad tragic bad movie; tonight’s session of Council was a pathetic mess showing how truly lacking in leadership and vision our elected council are.

If you’re depending on Dr. Paul to save you, you’re in big trouble.

In the video of the session tonight you can hear the raspy Clement dry cough as well as most of council while coddling a mug of what appears to be tea. Councilor Carilyne Hebert actually pops open a medication bottle during the live session to take meds.

With testing limited we may not find out if our Mayor is indeed sick and spreading the virus. Even CAO Maureen Adams sounded horrible.

Now the question is whether Council will disclose if they are ill and if they have exposed city staff to the pandemic that has killed thousands around the world.

Here is the video so you can see and decide for yourself. Count the dry coughs during the meeting and while still spread apart there was plenty of face touching as well.

Council’s biggest move of the evening was to cancel the next session and move to bring in Electronic meetings which raised questions of transparency.

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