So it’s Sunday. A lot has Changed this week, in Cornwall and the World. By Jamie Gilcig 032220

What a wild week. So much illness. So much death. We will survive, but the World will never be the same, much as it changed after 9/11.

And it’s just beginning. We will see a huge financial disaster, one of epic size that we haven’t seen in about 100 years.

We all will be losing people we know. Mostly because for whatever reason we didn’t use our voices and our votes and allowed consecutive governments, from local to Federal to essentially sell us out.

This editorial isn’t about blame, but if it were the finger would be at ourselves. Like they say.

You get the government you deserve.

For eleven years I’ve been trying to get people more focused on our eroding health care system. So far the only people interested seem to be health care workers whose solution seems to be giving them raises, which while I totally respect their desires and wishes for, will cost lives now.

We simply need more health care. We needed it before and we certainly will need it now. The higher each worker costs; the harder it is to sustain a system with more workers. (including doctors).

This will be something we all should be concerned about moving forward. We need it to be easier for us simple folk to get basic health care to prevent emergency health care.

Our political leadership shows that many of us may have to rethink how we vote and why. We need our leaders to actually lead, and that simply isn’t happening with perhaps the exception being the Premier of Quebec Francois Legault.

And of course we’re really seeing how our communities deal with Crisis.

Covid 19 may be a blessing at the end of the day. Most of us will survive.

And those that survive, to give any positive meaning to this catastrophe, need to build a better society. One that’s more just and one that is actually there for us when needed.

The storm is just beginning. We all can see the dark clouds and hear the thunder in the distance.

We can feel the first few droplets of rain.

And we’re seeing the panic and the fear. We’re seeing what can happen when they impact the ignorant who desperately buy up toilet paper for a respiratory virus.

What we really need to do is pull together. We need to be strong. We need to ride out the worst of this and then kick into gear and rebuild and make sure that when the next virus of this nature hits that we are in fact prepared.

Because we sure as heck weren’t for this one.

Jamie Gilcig

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  1. Has Dr. Paul announced an assessment centre in Cornwall yet? If not, why hasn’t he done so?

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