REMINGTON’S Coronavirus No Charges – Shows Why Change is Needed in Cornwall. Police Chief Danny Aikman Needs to Resign. By Jamie Gilcig #cwlpoli 03212

The problem with being corrupt and or incompetent is that it creates a culture, such as exists in the Cornwall Police Service.

From the politicization of the force, to hiding truth from the public, enforcing some laws on some, and not on others, and not holding officers accountable like what recently occurred with Sgt Tommy Mackay it all comes up to Police Chief Danny Aikman and Deputy Chief Shawa Spowart.

Both in this writers opinion, need to be removed from their positions, and a full inquiry and investigation to the force initiated. Chief Aikman has been with the force long enough to clearly be connected to most of what is ill there. Ms Spowart too. There are many fine officers working in Cornwall, but they are gagged or stop from doing their jobs on far too many occasions.

According to another media outlet the Cornwall police attended Remington’s, a local bar that defied a provincial order flagrantly including posts to social media and bragging about having Toilet Paper. A move echoed by the city licensed Bingo Hall that only closed this weekend.

All of these actions will lead to illness and death due to COVID 19.

The Cornwall Police service has not released a police blotter for the last 3 days of this week. Why? They have a dedicated staff member, Stephanie Macrae who posted other content during this period.

There were over 300 comments on the Remington’s facebook page as of publication; most condemning and calling BS on the bar for being open that night.

Are police tracing clients? There have been photos published from the evening. How big can the spread be in a city that was already in a health shortage and crisis before the Pandemic landed.

“….. officers were there at least twice that Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning. Officers attended at 1:30 a.m., 30 minutes before Remington’s was originally scheduled to close, and enforced the provincial order.”

“My understanding is, it (the bar) ended up closing…we ended up back there around 1:30 in the morning, at which time the establishment was closed as per the (order). There wasn’t any conflict or anything like that. We just went over and advised them they had to close and they did close without any conflict,” the sergeant said.”

There was no reason for the bar not to be shut down immediately when they visited the first time. The bars answer about an EOHU bulletin simply highlights the failure of that organization under Dr. Paul Roumeliotis. It is not a defense. As well there are reports of other bars being open in Cornwall including Friday night. The report did not disclose if officers attended wearing protective gear either.

What investigation is really required to lay a charge? If this situation didn’t hit wide media exposure would we even be talking about it?

The list of events that has bred this culture at the Cornwall Police Service is long; from not reporting a stolen sub machine gun from the local Armoury, to the fact that the Chief nor Ms Macrae will not answer basic questions posed by this newspaper which actually is part of their jobs.

Because when the media can’t do their job we all lose and cover ups and corruption become what we are now seeing during a crisis. Journalists should not face abuse or worse, for telling the truth. Again, that’s our job. A job that gets exacerbated for example when the police don’t file harassment charges when we get attacked or in this writer’s case, had over 30 harassing comments from a party recently with no action or follow up.

We will be updating this and other stories as more information becomes available.

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  1. No charges so far

  2. Author

    No police blotter for the 18th, 19th, or 20th either.

  3. Cornwall Police are a joke. We need the OPP in Cornwall and not these sunshine club members who do very little to earn it

  4. Gov’t promoting public disorder to invoke emergency powers?
    If not…
    Where there are serious violations alleged such that it is in the public interest not to allow a licensee to continue to sell or serve alcohol, the Registrar (under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation and Public Protection Act), may issue an interim suspension of a liquor licence. An interim suspension takes effect immediately.

  5. Sgt Tommy Mackay, Why was any of this not made public Chief?? Cops covering up for Cops.

  6. Author

    According the Cornwall Police Service prosecuting an officer is at the discretion of the police chief.

  7. Is Remington owned by a police officer?

  8. Under normal times, this (sweeping) would be business as usual, for CPD ! However, these aren’t normal times, is it ? The message the Chief is sending, is that this virus is NOT that important ! Luckily for him, he reports to no one ! The Service Board, are buddies & political hacks, that rubber stamp everything.
    We need an OPP costing, stat !

  9. Author

    We needed OPP costing ten years ago. Now we are paying the price.

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