As Many as 3,000 COVID 19 Coronavirus Victims Estimated in Cornwall SD&G & Akwesasne As Test Results Delayed Over 1 Week

Reports are flooding CFN of people who have been tested for COVID 19 in the Cornwall area and in quarantine, but with no results. Initially promised results in 2-4 days, some have said that they’ve now waited TEN days without a result.

Nurses have told those tested that even if their results are not in before the end of their 14 day quarantines to continue to stay put until they have results.

Approximately 300-500 people have been tested without results in our area.

Daily email check ins with the health unit have also now been cancelled with nurses saying that they have hundreds of patients to track right now.

Due to the high bar for testing due to shortages in Ontario this many unresulted tests math out to a high rate of infections of those not tested or contagious without symptoms.

Many have complained on social media about being refused tests in spite of being sick as well.

Mix in with an overall community that has not been observing social distancing, the EOHU insisting that we had a low risk for contagion as late as March 23, and other lax failings locally under the weak government of Mayor Bernadette Clement and her council, and the area is a potential hot spot for spikes in those infected.

We will be updating as more information becomes available which is ultra hard as the EOHU and CCH are refusing to answer any questions posed by this newspaper.

Right now the best advice available is to stay home and not leave unless absolutely necessary whether you are in quarantine or not.

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