FEBRUARY 13, 2021 – Being an Independent media outlet is a challenge. It was before Covid-19, but during the pandemic many media outlets have been decimated with thousands of journalists and broadcasters losing their jobs.

CFN is on life support. It has been in the red now for several years thanks to a conspiratorial boycott led by City Hall with several ugly tentacles.

Our clients have been bullied, writers, supporters. It’s a dirty secret in the halls of power in the Cornwall area to support CFN which is really odd as we’re well appreciated outside of this community.

CFN sadly gets penalized for the very behavior that too many blame media for not doing. We tell the truth. We ask real questions and the results are scary. We are not fake news, but in fact the opposite no matter how much the City and Chair of the EOHU repeat otherwise.

We now have the Cornwall Police, EOHU, City Hall, Fire Department, Grand Chief of Akwesasne, our MP & MPP all refuse to answer questions or perform their jobs as public servants. That is madness and insanity frankly.

It shows how scared corrupt and incompetent people are when it comes to the media doing their real job and asking real questions that they clearly refuse to answer.

The system is broken. If media do not pander to politicians, and big corporations they get crushed financially.

The CBC even puts out and controls a list of trusted media in Canada. For Cornwall they listed a defunct newspaper (le journal de Cornwall) and refused to put this newspaper on the list even though we’ve assisted the CBC multiple times for story content.

It truly is bewildering. Truly.

We’ve been lucky to have some viewer support, but it’s February and we have to budget for the year. We’ve already had many of you complain about less content on CFN during the pandemic, but nobody can work for free, nor should they.

The content you want costs money to produce and with social media destroying media advertising sales across the board in Canada we need our viewers to help keep this newspaper moving forward.

CFN has decided to never have a paywall. It’s up to our viewers to support us.

So it’s this simple. If you are still reading this please send what you can to info@cornwallfreenews.com via e interac money transfer. You can even request what content you want more of in the note section.

While we have financial targets we need to achieve, what’s more important is how many viewers, from wherever you’re reading this, donate. We need at least 1,000 of you to make those donations by the end of March.

If you value this newspaper and what it has accomplished since 2009 it’s time to step up and send that e interact transfer today to info@cornwallfreenews.com

Thank you and stay safe through the pandemic. Our main CFN social media channel coalates Covid-19 information from all over the world and many of you already read it. LINK

Our goals this year are to hire at least two new journalists and reduce our digital ads, and have more local ads fill those spaces.

Only you can make this happen.

The CFN team!


  1. Maybe you should try and look more into south Glengarry politics and uncover how the fire cronies are taking over the township and how some of the councillors better half took off out of Canada when we were told to stay home. All kinds of issues that to uncover there and I think ppl will support your paper when they start seeing what lies are being told

  2. Hello Mr. Gilcig,
    I wish to make a donation, but am not set up for e transfer. Is there another way to get a cheque to you?

  3. Author

    Thank you for your kind thoughts, but due to Covid we’re only accepting E Interac payments. Perhaps you know someone that can assist you?

  4. Will do my best, and thanks. Please keep up the good work!

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