Freeland Budget Geared for Votes More than Supports during Covid-19. By Jamie Gilcig

APRIL 20, 2021 – Like most things related to politicians disappointment is the usual result. Other media will put the party spin out and highlight the smoke, but the bottom line is that if you are a public servant you’re rocking, but if you’re part of the working class who have paid the biggest price during Covid you’re out of luck. If you’re a small business person, you also are out of luck. Essentially those who fuel the economy of Canada and really pay the bills are not going to see their lot improve. In fact it’s going to get worse as we pay the bills for things like $10 a day child care.

Throwing a few shekels to seniors over 75 is simply smoke. The bottom line in this budget is that for those that need it most we will be going backwards, especially as inflation continues to increase costs, in particular for housing.

The huge budget document covers a lot of ground, but the meat goes to party platform issues that really don’t impact the day to day lives of those that pay the bills.

How many public servants were laid off during Covid? How many lost their jobs? These high priced Sunshine listers collected their dosh through covid while small businesses, like this newspaper for example, took it in the teeth with a huge amount folding or hanging on in the red out in desperation.

Most small business “loans” have hurdles which mean you don’t qualify. For all the bluster about the Doug Ford government failing to have sick days; the Trudeau option isn’t much better more than a feel good crumb.

This pandemic was an opportunity for real change, but clearly the Trudeau team are more concerned about gaining their majority back in the face of no real opposition. While one can’t blame them for that it truly is galling to write the cheque for it.

There is not shift towards a Universal Basic Income. There is no tax reform. Again, taxing high end boats and cars is smoke. There was no wealth tax as there should be. There was nothing really that will help the majority of working Canadians while deficits explode.

While the CERB, and now CRB were truly life savers for some, even that program is about to be cut down in this budget and as many struggling Canadians on those plans are now seeing, they now have tax bills that many won’t be able to afford until they recover.

Sunny days are not here for Canadians and this budget could’ve been a lot more than it is.

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