Cornwall Kitten Killer Corey Dennison Deserves a Much Longer Jail Sentence. By Jamie Gilcig

MAY 28, 2021 – Having personally seen how bad the level of injustice is led by corruption and incompetence in Eastern Ontario, and watched a case with Judge Deborah Kinsella allowing a senior mentally delayed man to be violated by a crown and nearly end up in jail for a alleged crime that should never have made it to our courtroom, it was sadly not surprising to see the Judge Judy pencil case Justice fumbling through a case which will have future impacts on future victims.

The case involves a Corey Dennison who was on or took video with over a dozen kittens and cats with estimates of a much larger total. (over 200) Apparently there was a sexual element to this as well. Experts will tell you that these types of acts can jump to acts against children and adults.

Mr. Dennison is a monster that would seek cats or kittens and then take them home, torturing and then killing them on video. Not in secret. He apparently wanted us to see his handiwork.

To show how badly our system has been in protecting us, Mr. Dennison has lived near children while waiting for trial. While there have been no further charges (that we are aware of) that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any acts committed while Mr. Dennison has had his freedom waiting for trial.

The crown is seeking a life long ban on pets, 3 years probation, and 18 months of jail time which is utterly shocking.

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Frankly it’s disgusting. We tragically have a system that simply does not protect the public from the likes of Corey Dennison who should not be on the streets ever again, at least without supervision. We need to protect the most vulnerable from predators.

Many years ago society concluded that some people simply weren’t safe to be mixing with the public. Sadly, because of abuses in the system it was decided that these same monsters were best left to be on their own. After all they had rights, right? And our court system appear to have put these monsters rights above those of their many victims.

Maybe Corey Dennison could be treated and cured of his instincts to such barbarity? Maybe Mr. Dennision is a product of systemic abuse in Eastern Ontario that led to such farces as Project Truth?

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The bottom line is that we live with monsters around us. Far too many monsters, and with a system in place with people like Judge Deborah Kinsella in place, and those that put her there, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Because the odds are that in a few years we will see Mr. Dennison’s name again in our police blotters and there will be more innocent victims. That’s not justice. Justice should see the victim made “whole” and the chance of the crime happening again reduced as much as possible to zero.

This has simply been an expensive trundling of the Justice machine on the tax payers dime.


  1. We operate a non profit feline rescue in Ottawa, and have rehomed numerous Kitts and cats..I shudder to think this person will be out there again. And mos likely there are others already to take his place.. remember Luca Magnotta? I beg for info on where this predator got his victims, and isn’t it time a government black list for such people should be available like pedophiles?
    We worry about coyotes and Fischer’s..the true predators have always been human.
    This is why recovery fees, application forms, references, and mandatory home visits biyearly, plus biweekly visual updates for 6 months is protocol for our adoption process. My heart goes out to those animals, and the people who may have handed trust to this evil f#$!!k.
    Cat bless you all.
    Help save a life and donate to non profit independent rescues. The less desperate the situation, the more safe rehoming will continue to be.

  2. This guy deserves exactly what he gave those kittens.

  3. Maybe if there was a little more vigilante action in this country since our justice system is a farce.
    I honestly have no problem going to jail for tying that human garbage to a chair and using tin snips on that toturers fingers and privates since he’s too fucking stupid to use it properly. I would go to jail if caught.
    But rest assured that unlike the embarrassing justice system that we are stuck with, I would get the results right the first time around and we would finally have SAFETY!!!
    Anybody thought about that instead of knocking our heads against such stupidity as the men that make theses kinds of rules and actually expect to be followed when they actually haven’t worked for the last hundred years.
    But let’s keep making the same mistakes over and over by letting those kinds of humans actually free among us.

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