MAY 30, 2021 – The Habs allowed 2500 rabid fans to attend game six of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs which was a cathartic celebration for those who have endured the Covid-19 Pandemic, but it wasn’t a high risk US style move.

It was a reward for a community that has worked hard to do its part to reduce transmission and hospital rates.

As of writing this piece Ontario still has over double the daily cases of Covid-19 and in fact has seen some numbers go up this passed week while Quebec’s numbers dwindle.

Better vaccination, a curfew, and actual enforcement of Emergency health orders, as well as more clear communication have led to these results in Quebec.

The Ford government has been a disaster with thousands getting sick and dying because of negligence and really bad politics. The biggest and most bizarre being the Circus run by renegade Anti Mask, Anti Vax MPP Randy Hillier who is actually using tax dollars and his MPP staff to run a business selling shirts and signs as he travels around Ontario having rallies encouraging people to not wear masks, not trust politicians, and essentially incite the public to break emergency health orders.

Less cases means less impact on our economy and more ability to resume a normal life.

While Quebec has entered rallies and taken trouble makers like Mr. Hillier off the street, Randy brags about his wall of tickets and laments that he can’t get his day in court while his rallies leave a trail of illness. How many cases of Covid-19 hit the Aylmer Ontario area where his pastor buddy is?

That is all on a Premier who’s health team simply hasn’t followed basic science; had orders full of flimsy exemptions, and loopholes, and essentially up until recently refused to enforce their own orders thus empowering those like Hillier and his travelling circus. If you claim you have the best people working on this, as Doug has, and you have a horrid result…..well then either you don’t have the best people or you personally have failed.

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So Leaf fans . If you lose game seven and one of the biggest chokes in NHL history after being ahead 3 games to 1 over Montreal, you have yourselves and your government to blame.

Watching the crowd at the Bell Centre, the rate of those wearing a mask was greater than shopping at a grocery store in Cornwall Ontario.

Go Habs Go! And hopefully Ontario pulls itself together and finally takes action against scofflaws like Randy Hillier and his troupe of anti mask, anti vax thugs.

UPDATE – Ontario announced that it will let 550 healthcare workers who have had both their vaccine jabs attend the game.

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