Trudeau Government Election Call Will be About Winning Conditions – View From the Hill – By Keith Beardsley

AUGUST 13, 2021 – With an election call expected any day now, expect the opposition parties to continue their whining about it being unnecessary.

It doesn’t really matter what these parties say publicly, very few Canadians are paying attention. We are all too busy getting our lives back to normal. Other than a political partisan or media type do you know anyone talking about how horrible it is that Trudeau will call an election?

While people of all parties enter politics to help others and move the country forward, political reality soon sets in. Win and you are a somebody…lose and you are a nobody. Just ask a defeated politician how quickly the phone calls and invitations stopped.

Politics is about winning- if you are a minority government you look for the winning conditions that will get you to majority status. If You are the opposition, you look for the winning conditions that will allow you to topple the government and hopefully win your majority.

Do you believe that if the NDP or Conservatives were in Trudeau’s position that they wouldn’t be looking for a reason to call an election if the winning conditions were there for them? How many hours do you think were spent in the Harper Opposition Leaders office plotting the downfall of the Martin minority government?

If you think a minority NDP or Conservative government would be behaving differently to the Trudeau minority government, I have some swampland in Florida to sell to you.

The election will be decided in the last 2-3 weeks when Canadians decide to pull themselves away from their BBQs and pay attention.

Until then ignore the feigned indignation of the opposition parties because they would be doing the same thing as Trudeau.


Keith is a former Conservative political staffer with over 50 years of active involvement in Canadian politics. He is a former Deputy Chief of Staff to a Prime Minister for Issues Management and he was a senior political advisor involved with political research, Question Period, political attack teams and election war rooms for over 20 years. A well-known political pundit, Keith has appeared many times on Canadian political panels.

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