O’Toole Implodes After Lame Attack Ad on Eve of Trudeau Election Call. By Jamie Gilcig

AUGUST 14, 2021 – One wonders what the Erin O’Toole team is thinking as it faces destruction in a Federal election that’s expected to be called Sunday?

A recent attack ad that looked like something a stoner would put together on tik tok may in fact have broken copyright laws as its clip from Willy Wonka clearly is not “Fair Use”.

Putting Justin Trudeau’s head on Veruca Salts body is an epic fail if for no other reason than it simply puts all the focus on Mr. Trudeau. All we think about or see during the video is the PM.

It certainly won’t impact Trudeau supporters. It won’t impact hardcore Conservatives (whatever that term means in 2021). It will continue to alienate Red Tories and most decent people who would view the video as childish and petty.

Attack ads are the norm in politics, but they take skill and talent; something that clearly seems to be lacking on the O’Toole team even though they have very deep pockets.

Prime Minister Trudeau has his best chance of getting a majority now because of impotent opposition. O’Toole is not electable; neither is Mr. Singh, and frankly the Green Party has destroyed itself while attacking its own leader. If you can’t govern you own party you sure can’t govern anything else.

While many would consider this a perfect storm for Mr. Trudeau it actually is playing with fire. Not because Mr. O’Toole might wake up Prime Minister at the end, but because it’s a huge opportunity for the NDP to gain votes as people will not fear the Conservatives enough to flock to Trudeau.

FEDERAL ELECTION POLL August 14 2021 Who will you vote for?

  • Erin O'Toole - Conservative (44%, 77 Votes)
  • Justin Trudeau - Liberal (25%, 43 Votes)
  • Other/Won't Vote (19%, 33 Votes)
  • Jagmeet Singh - NDP (12%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 174

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O’Toole’s failures, and there have been many; just might lead to a NDP supported Liberal government with the Bloc withering and Cons losing seats.

Mr. Trudeau is not without his faults, but his opponents are simply not in his league at any level. Clearly the Cons need to sort themselves out and find a leader who might actually beat Mr. Trudeau next election. They won’t win much pushing further Right. They need to earn back support of Red Tories and break into soft centrist voters who have had enough of Liberal arrogance and victims such as those on CRB who have just seen their lifelines chopped at a time when inflation is destroying lives due to high housing costs and gas gouging.

This election is about what’s in our pockets. It will be interesting to see how it plays out and who crumbles the hardest.

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