Election Ad Offers & CFN National Seat Snapshot for AUGUST 22, 2021

AUGUST 21, 2021 – It’s been a slow ugly start to the election. The debaters have been announced.. Frankly this writer sees no point or interest in having the Greens or Bloc attend. One has a leader who doesn’t have a seat in parliament and the Bloc are at kindest, a regional party, at worst, secessionists with no interest in building a better Canada nor leading Canada.

I know that all three parties have their silly partisans, and while being a jaded journalist always hope for something tangible from the debates. Frankly I want to be bought. I am hyper non partisan. I want value or ideas that best can be supported by myself and right now have no idea how I’d vote this election.

Using our CFN special algorithm here are our seat prediction if the election would be totalled today. We’d see another Liberal Minority with gains for the NDP.

Liberals 156

CPC 114

NDP 44


Green 1

If these were the final results they would have to be considered a failure for Prime Minister Trudeau and gain for Jagmeet Singh and his NDP, but just like the Orange Crush, it appears any gains are simply the result of a weak CPC leadership and frustration in some close ridings with Mr. Trudeau.


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