Are the Trudeau Liberals Playing Rope a Dope? By Jamie Gilcig #cdnpoli

AUGUST 23, 2021 – It’s been an interesting first week in our National Election. Clearly the only reason Prime Minister Trudeau and his team moved to have this election is they felt it was their best chance to gain a majority government.

Thinking about that for a second it gives cause for concern about what Canada is facing in the next twelve months….

But this isn’t Mr. Trudeau’s first rodeo. While he’s been lucky to not really face strong competition these last two elections it’s creating some drama and pumping up the O’Toole Conservatives and giving their supporters hope of an upset akin to what just happened in Nova Scotia.

Except the numbers really aren’t supporting that when it comes to seat predictions. Letting O’Toole’s chances rise do however soften the gains that the NDP are clearly making ground on.

Politics is a funny blood sport. We’re seeing dirty tricks and fumbles by both the Liberals and CPC. It should be interesting to see how week two rolls out….

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