How Bad Will Habs Be This Year? HOCKEY CRUNCH By Jamie Gilcig

NOVEMBER 7, 2021- Hoo boy. First we had that lovely start to the season and now it appears, unless Jake Allen notches a shut out, wins will be infrequent.

Carey Price is coming back soon, but he didn’t perform much better statistically than Jake Allen last year during the regular season nor much better than Allen is doing this year.

The biggest problem facing the Habs has been compounded, and that’s having some help for Jeff Petry, contrary to those worrying about the Centre position.

One of the biggest indictments of GM Marc Bergevin is that he favors D men who played like him. But he really wasn’t that good a D man with a whopping -70 for his 1000 plus game career.

If you don’t score enough your D has to truly be above average. Band-Aids like Chris Wideman and Sami Niku are strictly that. With Shea Weber gone it was even more important to find a 2D for Petry, but Montreal has failed. If with Edmonson coming back and the success he’s had with Petry that leaves a hot mess for the 3-4 D after Ben Chariot with a slew of role players including David Savard rounding out the D corp.

The forwards really aren’t the problem on the team, but they need help, and the more time they have the puck the better the goal differential should be.

Until Montreal can get the puck out of their zones without giving up the puck as much as they have this season we can stick a fork in the season and get ready for a good draft pick for the draft in Montreal.

Of course looking at this management team’s records with good draft picks that’s not much of a consolation.

It’s time for Geoff Molson to move things forward. Habs fans deserve better.

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